BangShift Daily Tune Up: The Super Stocks – Wheel Man (1963)

BangShift Daily Tune Up: The Super Stocks – Wheel Man (1963)

We’ve played you plenty of stuff from the 1960s studio group, “The Super Stocks” before and we’re going to drop some more musical fun by those dudes on your here today. The group was pretty amazing featuring guys like Gary Usher, Glenn Campbell, and others as they cranked out car songs designed to appeal to a generation of young guys who could not get enough or horsepower, gasoline, and the drags. One need look no further than the album that this song, “Wheel Man” played on. School Is A Drag was the title of the release and as you can see, it is bubblegum music for car crazy kids.

In the case of this tune we have a guy singing about himself and how he strikes out with the ladies, ain’t all that great at sports, but boy he can wheel a car at the track. It’s a great song for a lot of reasons. We think it captures the attitude lots of guys had back about 50 years ago when having a hot car trumped just about every other thing in their lives. It didn’t matter if the cheerleaders didn’t look at them or if the jocks ran circles around them at gym class because once school let out, they could lay rubber from the front door of the school to their home driveway and on the weekends they would hit the strip and validate themselves there.

Fun stuff!

Press play below to hear “Wheel Man” by The Super Stocks –

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