CLICK HERE TO WATCH The Replay of The 2016 Good Vibrations March Meet

CLICK HERE TO WATCH The Replay of The 2016 Good Vibrations March Meet



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51 thoughts on “CLICK HERE TO WATCH The Replay of The 2016 Good Vibrations March Meet

  1. Dustin

    Chad are you guys going to sell/ handing out shirts and hats? This is my first March meet, I’ve been to several of the meets in October. I’ll be on the lookout for the Bangshift crew!

  2. Luther Hopp

    Going down and praying that the rain passes on both sides of Famoso Raceway so that we can all enjoy the best early iron outdoor car show with a drag race in the world.

  3. Terry Doulas

    Pulling big time for Tom Padilla & Randy Bradford AA/FA’s. I’ll be watching on BangShift. Go fast, have fun, see you next week. Terry

  4. C1BAD66 Malibu

    So, I click on “Click Here To Watch The 2016 March Meet” to see if anything was showing.

    I get a message stating the owner has blocked my location. What? I’m 250+ miles from Famoso!

    ‘Hope the message is in error. ‘Guess I’ll know more around noon.

    1. Steve from ICON Pistons

      I got the same message and I am in Arizona… Hope it changes at noon… If not, its going to be a long afternoon at work

  5. Alvin Clarke

    Last years coverage was blocked at a certain radius around Bakersfield. I just tried going to the page and it says it’s not available in my viewing area. I live over 400 miles away. Is this just an error or is it really blocked again???

  6. Alvin Clarke

    If I remember right, they tried to block coverage and ended up blocking everyone. In the end they turned of the block and it worked. I did watch the Live Streaming from last year.

  7. C1BAD66 Malibu

    Wow! It looks like Livestream, certainly prodded by BangShift, has pulled the “blanket” off the Live Stream Video.

  8. Debra Ousley

    Let’s get IT ON!!! First race of our season is about to begin. Come on team everyone has worked hard for this March Meet, can not wait to get started.

  9. Dan

    Hey guys, is everyone still blocked from the live stream? I’m up in Canada and still haven’t found a way to watch…. HELP……. Hahaha

  10. Adam Fitting

    Hopefully this year we get to see pictures and video of the NBA supercharged cars that are pitted in the staging lanes. The cars are the fastest and unpredictable of the door slammers there.

    1. Nicholas fitting

      Hope they get great coverage would love to see more people to experience the exhilaration if that class

  11. Danno

    5:25 pm Pacifc, just got off work and tried to catch the action. Unable to view, getting the message about the owner blocking the content. Is this going to be fixed?

  12. Rob

    This livestream geo blocking is really annoying! I’m 1500 miles away and it can’t get a feed because it can’t establish my location. I talked to livestream and they say it’s not them – but it probably is. Back to refreshing 150-200 times to get it to work each time. Grrrr.

    Other than that great as always!

  13. BigDogSS

    I just saw the Cuda funny car crash. Glad everyone is OK.
    Chad, are you the camera-man? I’ve got the same O’Neil hat!!

  14. Anthony Byers

    Its great that were able to watch the March meet from around the world when all the technical pieces are working. The part that I’m upset about is that we have finished the second day of the March Meet and I haven’t been able to see any of the doorslammers in action, just rails and nitro. Are you going to be streaming their Round 1 eliminations tomorrow?

  15. Edward

    I’ve been going out there for the last 20 years of my life this year I can’t make it and I cant and watch it because I’m blocked that’s fucked up

  16. Barbara

    Went to the races yesterday and had a great time. Looking forward to watching on bangshit today but my location is blocked! Not good guys.

  17. Eric

    This Event is not available in your location

    The owner of this event has chosen to block your location.If you think there has been an issue,please contact the event owner.

  18. Jim Becker

    Is this event going to be blocked all weekend in Ca.??
    Watched it in years past but I know things change…

  19. jim moody

    Cant beleive we are blocked out? Last yr here in tucson got part of it on bangshift, this yr nothing whats up. More money issues going to start charging for vudeo stream, what is going on, for us who cant attend we are out?

  20. Bad habit bob

    Mr.chad u are Awesome. To use folks that can’t get up there…I’ve been in drag racing my whole life! DOUG,”COOKIE”COOK, is my uncle….MY HE REST WITH PEACE! ……sir ur coverage is magnificent! !!!!

  21. Bad habit bob

    Wow I just showed how smart I’m not…may I correct myself. ……for us folks that can’t make it up there. …and may dougie, REST WITH PEACE

  22. Bad habit bob

    Also sir……it may have been my lack of knowledge on a laptop. ….but after u did ur roving reports. … video, and voice feeds were not linked together. ….still u guys a tha bomb

  23. Michelle Powell

    Been enjoying watching the streaming March Meet, love the funny cars! Go Pedaler! Can’t wait for todays events!!!

  24. Buttons01

    I was able to get around being blocked yesterday, but not today. Why, oh why? So cruel.

  25. Celenski

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU so very much Chad and the rest of the BS crew for bringing this event to those of us who are unable to be there.
    You guys rock !

  26. Luther Hopp

    Thank you so very much for broadcasting the event live again. We were able to attend Saturday only and despite the rain the track crew kept the track tight. Great racing and because of the rain delays got to spend some time in Rich Guasco’s Pure Hell pits and visit with he and his family. Famoso Raceway is the bomb always, great track, great car count, great races and great live video from BangShift. Maybe some day we will meet you at a race.

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