Watch The Re-Run Of The 2017 March Meet Here

Watch The Re-Run Of The 2017 March Meet Here



We go live around 10 am Pacific Time on Monday with all the rain delayed action!

That’s right folks, we’re returning to the home of BANGshift LIVE Streaming Video for another March Meet extravaganza! 2017 promises to be the best March Meet ever, with more than 30 Funny Cars already slated to be there. Combine that with Top Fuel, Gas Classes, Hot Rod, Nostalgia Eliminator and more and you have one hell of a drag race. The March Meet is a riot. It’s way more than a drag race, and yet the drag racing is some of the best you’ll find anywhere on the planet. It’s an event, a spectacle, an experience that just can’t be described. So come join us!

Sure we’ll have BANGSshift’s REAL LIVE streaming video from the track, the pits, the top end, and much more, but you can’t compare that to being here for the real thing!

So come join us, say hi, drink a beer, eat great food, and see the baddest race cars on the planet, all right here at Famoso Raceway for the Good Vibrations March Meet!




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56 thoughts on “Watch The Re-Run Of The 2017 March Meet Here

  1. C1BAD66 Malibu

    ‘Always counted on BangShift’s continuing coverage of the March Meet and am glad it’s chiseled in stone!

    ‘Hope Lohnes and McTaggart get to come out West for it.

  2. Steve Doyle

    how do i get a poster of march meet. Last time i went i couldnt get a group funnycar posters. thanks steve

      1. C1BAD66 Malibu

        A new episode of Nitro Reports this evening? Yay! I’m setting an alarm clock.

        It will be good to see Darr, Donnie, and Bruce in-studio again.

        ‘Hope the poster giveaway is a call-in deal versus FB for non-users.

      2. C1BAD66 Malibu

        A new episode of Nitro Reports this evening? Yay! I’m setting an alarm clock.

        It will be good to see Darr, Donnie, and Bruce in-studio again.

        ‘Hope the poster giveaway is a call-in deal versus FB for non-users.

  3. John Brewer

    Toall who attend. stop by and see us ‘Brew Crew” NE-1 dragster. We’re in Row 7 right in the middle. One of the ‘small guy’ trailers! Like to meet BS-ers who attend!

  4. Charles Mckillip

    Hell yeah you guys rock! Wish i would have known about before my dad passed away. we used to go to the march meet every year. but pops got to old and couldnt go any more. And i felt guilty going without him so you know JUST DONT TELL HIM! HEY im not missing the best drag racing show on earth yall bumped your heads But he would have loved watching it live. Anywhoot here in tehachapi gathering up all the nitrons&nitraits were piling in the march meet machine and flying down the hill.Gonna get high on nitro fumes aahhhh! NITRO FUMES. And for those of you that arent as lucky as I and cant be there quit your whining its on live right here at BANGSHIFT.COM SUCKAFISHES LATER!!!

  5. Bob

    Why are you blocking Redding,Ca? I am 61/2 hours and 400 miles away!Took the day off to watch. Chad said it would be blocked in a 3 hour radius yesterday. I really appreciate these web casts but this is extremely disappointing.

    1. Chad Reynolds

      Sorry Bob, we’re not trying to block you but apparently your internet service provider is using a zip code that is blocked. I’ll see if I can do something about it, or you can watch on’s Facebook page.

      Send me your zip code and info. [email protected]

  6. Simon

    Hi Chad, i was hoping to catch up on yesterdays fuel/funny/altered session as based in the uk so was a little late and i need to get up for work, but i can’t find the replays?? are they hiding somewhere?

    Thanks for all your efforts i have been tuning in every year since you started thanks to our friends at for pushing your stream this side of the pond.

  7. Nitromike66

    I was able to watch yesterday during my breaks at work here in Seattle, but today it says I’m restricted, what the hell?

  8. Nitromike66

    Any word on if we will be able to watch? It says you have geo restricted the event. I don’t understand, I was able to watch fine yesterday.

  9. tammy moody

    Blocked in tucson all day, geo blocked it says, yesterday i finally had it laat 6 or so nitro runs on the day. Says not a secure site. Any input theee chad buddy…..i need nostalgia nitro. Too costlt to drive way up there to cal fro tucson some yr im gonna find a race buddy nitro tea someone to share the exp and ride and luve the dream for 5 day…

  10. Ron G

    Just wondering if the announcers get some sort of kickback or payola every time they say “Small Block Chevy” during the Fuel Dragster class at the March Meet?

  11. Gene Short

    Very disappointed in qualifying today w/T/F,F/C & F/A. Way to much breakage. Even more disappointed that there is only an 8 car field in Top Fuel. Not worth the drive in from Las Vegas.

  12. bob

    Can’t thank Chad enough! I was blocked and he took care of it. Thanks again for providing this for those of us that were not able to go.


  13. Bob B

    Hey Chad, Can’t get the video on my IPhone in Sacramento Ca. Location services turned on on the phone but it says the stream is Geo restricted. Any solution to this? Thanks for your coverage.

  14. Bob Chrisman

    I live in Bakersfield and after about 2 hrs of watching Bang Shift, it gets blocked.Says owners didn’t give permission for this area.Today, I got about an hours worth then same thing.

  15. Bob Chrisman

    Oh I don’t care. Most people know me because of my uncle Art Chrisman. With his passing, going is not the same. Maybe next year when its not so fresh.

  16. Craig R Cook

    Tuned in for funny cars at 3:15 as advertised. Still nothing at 4:30 just 75 minutes of endless index dragsters. Was I too Early? Too Late? Who knows. I live in the same time zone so that’s not it. Gave up, and now I’ve lost all interest in the whole thing. Can’t stick anywhere close to a schedule. Roku Livestream app was working though, not blocked like the entire rest of the country apparently.

    1. DJ

      i wanna watch the past days videos till it stops raining how do we they were up last night now they are gone

  17. Joy Castle

    THANK YOU !!! for all you do for this March Meet. I live in Memphis and I can not get to the March meet to watch my brother race. with your coverage I get to not only see my brother race, C/Gas Scott Morgan, But I get to see my sister-in-law and my mother standing at the start. you do an amazing Job with all of this. I have been sending prayers for your Wife and you. And I am tickled your son passed his driving test… Continued prayers !!

    Forever Grateful
    Joy From Memphis.

  18. Donald Peterson

    Chad, thanks for all the coverage, will you cover Mondays after the rainout like you have in the past?

  19. mark

    group was watching finals on my lap top at Bakersfield airport on Monday just before they told us are flight was canceled till tues am. Hope the guys from Montana made it home. The Mrs and me rented a car and hauled butt to WI got home Wednesday afternoon

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