Exclusive First Look: Pro Mod C7 Corvettes Are On The Way!

Exclusive First Look: Pro Mod C7 Corvettes Are On The Way!

BangShift sources are telling us that Tim McAmis Race Cars is working on a new C7 Corvette Pro Mod Body that looks like this! Based on the rendering we have here, this might be the sleekest Pro Mod car in history and we can’t wait to see one in person up close. And if someone puts one together that looks just like this, it will scream evil, and we like that.

Given the amazingly close performances in NHRA Pro Mod, along with incredible gains in Pro Extreme and Outlaw classes, we imagine McAmis will have quite a few orders coming his way.

As soon as one of these bad boys comes out of the mold we will try to get you some early sneak peak photos.


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17 thoughts on “Exclusive First Look: Pro Mod C7 Corvettes Are On The Way!

  1. GuitarSlinger

    The epitome of everything that is wrong with NHRA’s Pro Mod classes . Allowing contemporary bodies …. and especially the Fugly as all ____ Camaro with a Vette nose grafted on C7 bodies in a class(s) that should be limited to pre 1959 at least . No wonder the NHRA can’t get out of its own way …. Track attendance down … TV viewership on a rapid decline .. sponsors bailing out left and right etc

    Five years …. maximum before the NHRA implodes on itself . Any takers ?

    By the way Chad . exactly which Pro Mod is it you’ve been watching lately ? Funny . The one I’ve been seeing has all the excitement and ” amazingly close ” races as watching wet paint dry on a cold damp spring day with the heat turned off …. e.g.

    Oh yes folks …. Yellow is in the Lead . No wait ! Green is catching up quickly with Grey coming up fast on the outside …. e.g. ….

    ….zzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZ 😉

    ( Hint ; Hyperbole circumventing the facts is never a good thing )

    1. 75Duster

      The only thing that pleases GuitarSlinger is VW vans and Mercedes SUVs, he most likely has NEVER owned an American vehicle in his life.
      I personally think that the Corvette Pro Mod looks badass.

  2. Hptqjunkie

    I think.”GuitarSlinger”…………… Gets it………. NHRA seems more and more like NASCAR. More rules= less racing

  3. richard

    I saw one of these cars at bristol last weekend. It made passes Friday night. And……. it was horrible looking. Seriously. It was awful. Like one of those ridiculous looking futuristic concept cars of the 50s and 60s. Not attractive at all. No one knew what it was until the p.a. man said it was the c7.

    Pro mod is one of my favorite classes. And i do think they are ruining it. 50% of the time you have a good race. Other 50% is whoever breaks or blows the tires of last wins. I agree with ‘slinger’ on a few points.

    The class needs to get back to its roots. Leave the crazy overpriced futuristic 3.70 e.t. running cars to the pdra and organizations MADE for them. I think there should be limits on bodies. But only that they remain factory appearing. And of course functional doors. Letting current body styles run is not a problem. And for God’s sake… don’t limit them to pre 59.. really slinger? No way. The only pre 59 pro mods that are any good to look at are the willys and Christine the 57 plymouth.

    Pro mod came about from grassroots guys on a budget pushing their wallets and knowledge and equipment to the breaking point. The 80s saw the best of it. Quick 16 and quick 8. Shuffletown, hudson, wilkes, shadyside….. that’s what people want to see and that’s what NHRA has forgotten.

    1. henry

      umm if im not mistaken hasnt even been put on a frame yet, im not sure what car you saw

      1. richard

        Somebody has one. . This was at the national event In bristol. Nobody knew what we saw. The nhra announcer told us what it was. Even still o was skeptical. I asked a few others around me what they heard and they all confirmed he said c7. He may have been wrong but I don’t think so. There were alot of similarities to that car and this picture. Most noticeably the head lights.

      2. richard

        So I did some research and the car was Harold Martin ‘ s M4. I dunno what the p.a. man was talking about but he did say the car was the new vette c7. Either way…. If you see martins car you’ll understand what I mean about ugly. It’s terrible.

        1. Sedanman

          I thought that Martins car was something he designed a few years ago and was going to produce (a production version). Something like starting his own car company. He’s ran that body (or something very similar) for a few years now. With that said, I was just looking at his website and its identified as a 2014 C7. It really doesn’t look like the illustration above though.

          1. henry

            harold martin decided he would build his own body for promod. Turns out the rules say the bodys used in promod must be “production models.” So to get around this new rules mr martin decided he’d start his own company to build, in production, his own designed Martin M4. That only lasted so long untill sombody found out the rules also say ( or an officail made the call ) that any body used for pro-mod must not only be a “production model” but also actually have cars on the road of said model. Which in Martins case makes it invalid as the race car body was built before the prodcution car/body was. SO, to get around this hassel he decided just to call it a vette. With the melted plastic look of the new promods you can see why he choosed to call it a vette.
            If you check out the “other” exclusive on another racing related website you will find that infact no bodys have been made of this rendering of the new C7 vette

    1. henry

      how is this fake? it was posted first and it has the same basic facts as the second “exclusive”

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