George Farkouh Resets EFI Real Street Record At NMCA World Street Finals: In 1st Place Going Into LSFest

George Farkouh Resets EFI Real Street Record At NMCA World Street Finals: In 1st Place Going Into LSFest

The NMCA World Street Finals at Norwalk’s Summit Motorsports Park was a barn burner! Running a pair of 7.70 second passes at more than 178 miles per hour, George Farkouh silenced all comers in his American Racing Headers FARKS Supercars 2010 Camaro. And it’s a good thing he had those numbers or he wouldn’t have been able to take the win and the top spot in points going into the final points event which happens at this weekend’s Holley LSFest in Bowling Green.

Stunning 7.70 second/ 178+ mph quarter mile runs by the American Racing Headers/FARKS Supercars-sponsored 2010 Camaro resets the class record and moves team into first place heading into final race of the season in Bowling Green, KY.

Heading into the final race of the season, George Farkouh’s final round performance at the Summit Motorsports Park served notice that the Brooklyn, New York racer is more than ready to run for the title in the final race of the year. Farkouh’s amazing American Racing Headers/FARKS Supercars-sponsored 2010 Camaro clicked off a pair of record setting 7.70-second passes, needing that performance in the final round to take out the highly competitive Jessie Coulter.

“Overall the weekend went very smooth,” said Co-Driver Louie Filippides. “We knew the car had the potential to set the record but we wanted to make sure that we did not hurt any parts during the event. At our last race in Joliet, IL, we blew a head gasket and started to pump water. We did not want a repeat performance of that experience. The weather was hot and humid in Ohio and we worked around some rain that washed out the track Saturday night. Regardless, the NMCA track workers did a great job making sure the track was in good shape for the final day of racing.”

The weekend was full of solid driving efforts from Farkouh who twice had to drive around the competition to overcome the 8-car field. After receiving a red light gift in the first round from Tim Timmerman’s Firebird, in the second round Farkouh laid down a 7.75-second run to chase down and beat out the COPO Camaro of J.C. Beatty Jr. In the final it was catch up time again as Farkouh beat out Jessie Coulter, the number two qualifier, laying down the 7.70-second record setting time taking over the lead at about the 1000 foot mark.

“The win gives us a lot of confidence heading into the final race of the years,” concluded Filippides. “We were very happy to be in the winner’s circle. As long as we do our job on the starting line and we are able to dial in the timing like we did at Summit, I see no reason why we can’t earn the championship. If the track conditions are similar to what we experienced this weekend, I think our chances are pretty good.”

The final race of the season, the Holley LS Fest, will be staged at Beech Bend Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky where once again Farkouh and Coulter will square off to decide the season championship. For more information go online to the NMCA home site at or LSX racing’s Facebook page at to for updates on EFI Real Street racing. American Racing Headers can be reached at

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