How Light Is It? Building The Lightest Nitrous Pro Mod Ever, Episode 1

How Light Is It? Building The Lightest Nitrous Pro Mod Ever, Episode 1

Cameron Johnson Race Cars and Jamie Hancock have joined forces to try and build the lightest Pro Mod ever. Why? Because they want to run it in Radial Vs The World where the minimum weight with driver is 2250 lbs. They believe they can make this car weigh somewhere around 1900 lbs without the driver and are committed to seeing what is possible with this chassis. They are already building lots of titanium parts for racers, including 4-link bars and brackets, pedal assemblies, and more, so they want to not only incorporate those items in this car but also find new things to make out of ultra light materials without compromising the integrity and safety in each chassis.

This car will be a “house” car if you will that the CJ Racecars crew will build and maintain with Jamie Hancock’s engine and trans in it. If these guys are able to pull this off, it could be the quickest and fastest RVW car ever and we certainly think the world will be watching this one come together. How light do you think they can make it? Some folks are saying 1800 lbs. Others say it will be more like 1900. Regardless, you know it will be light and you know it will haul ass. Stay tuned as the crew is going to be giving us a look inside the complete build, with every detail, so you can truly see what it takes to build something like this from a pile of tubing and some carbon fiber.

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