Luke Bogacki Wins K&N Spring Fling Million In Las Vegas!

Luke Bogacki Wins K&N Spring Fling Million In Las Vegas!

(Photos by JohnD at Drag Racing Edge) If Luke Bogacki wasn’t included on your list of guys with a real shot at winning the K&N Spring Fling Million presented by Optima Batteries, then you don’t know Bracket Racing. Luke is a certifiable bad ass behind the wheel of his dragster, and he proved that Friday night in Las Vegas when he took home the $230,000 Grand Prize during the Spring Fling Million. Congratulations to the team, and to Luke for putting on a great show. And to all the competitors who stepped up and ran for the biggest purse in Drag Racing, we salute you as well.

Six cars remained by the quarterfinals, and not one of them got there by dumb luck alone. Bogacki was joined by Michael Pennington, Biddle, Lane Dicken, Bobby Dye Jr. and Val Torres Jr. in a round that had no clear favorites. Bogacki’s win in that round was like a message from God, as he knew he would have the bye into the final. Our emotional favorite, Biddle in the foot brake G-Body Malibu, didn’t make it and lost in the semis to Pennington. Nobody is going to feel bad for him though as we’re sure he not only took home big money but also warmed the hearts of all the non-electronics door car racers out there. Good job my brother.

The Battle Royale, between Pennington and Bogacki would be one to remember as they left the starting line with only .002 of a second advantage going to Pennington. It’s no surprise either that both of them ran dead on their dials, with Bogacki crossing the stripe first and .003 closer to his dial.

In an interview with our friend¬†John DiBartolomeo at Drag Racing Edge had Bogacki commenting that “This is the one thing I’ve never accomplished in my career so far.” Like most things Bogacki has never done in racing, if you wait a few minutes he’ll take care of that.

PHOTOS BY JohnD at Drag Racing Edge.

04142017 bogacki01

04142017 bogacki02

Knowing a lot of people competing in this year’s Million, we can tell you that this race means a lot to people. This is life changing money for most people on the planet, and to earn it bracket racing is the coolest thing ever. Like most of our reading this, we dream of competing at that level. We know that doing it right means you have to be damn good. You have do be lucky a couple times. And you have to be here. You have to actually show up.

Good job showing up Luke Bogacki! On behalf of the entire BANGshift family, we salute you. Congratulations on a well deserved win.


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