Reason #8: “Never Count Out Larry Larson” We Unveil Larry Larson’s Potentially 5-Second Barrier Smashing Street Legal S10

Reason #8: “Never Count Out Larry Larson” We Unveil Larry Larson’s Potentially 5-Second Barrier Smashing Street Legal S10


(Editor’s note: Because this weekend is the “reintroduction” party for Larry Larson’s S-10 to the world and maybe a sort of introduction party to the rest of the traditional drag racing world that will see this truck compete against full blown pro mods and all at the Street Car Super Nationals we figured that we would drop this feature on you one more time.)
Walk this way to check out the all new ride that Larry Larson and I, BangShift’s Chad Reynolds, will be wheeling on Drag Week 2014! It’s one evil little bastard, and we’re going to not only give you a look inside this cool new project, but also a look inside our motivation to dream, scheme, and build something this cool for Hot Rod Magazine’s 10th Drag Week 2014. And stay tuned for much more on the “Reason #8” Pro Mod S10, as we move toward Drag Week 2014 in 10 days. We’ll have more updates on the truck, testing, future plans, and much much more over the coming days.

A truck? Yep, a truck. But before we get into the details on it, let me tell how this all came to be. Read and then check out the very first photos to be publicly shown, along with some questions, answers, and comments from Larry and myself on the “why” this thing has happened and what we plan to do with it.

Back in 2005, Larry Larson showed up in his blown pink Nova, and I showed up in my recently famous ’56 Chevy Wagon, for what would become the coolest road trip and racing event in the history of ever. We talked, hung out, and had fun that week, all while I was convinced that this Larson dude had to be doing some cheating since he made one pass and hit the road each day. It turns out he wasn’t cheating, just getting on the road so as to reduce the chance of breakage, but everyone likes a little drama. Larry finished that first Drag Week, as did I, both of us with huge smiles on our faces. On the way home I told my girlfriend of 3 weeks, Daphne (who is now my wife), that I knew how to OWN Drag Week, and that nobody was thinking about how to do this the right way at all. The plan? Build a Brogie style roadster with a twin turbo combo that was super light weight and wouldn’t hurt parts. I figured it would be good for 6’s easy, and probably 6.50’s if you had the thing dialed. It wouldn’t be comfortable, and it wouldn’t really be a street car, but it would fit the rules and win hands down. For a couple years, this idea rattled around in my brain, with only a few people, including Larry Larson and David Freiburger, being filled in on my genius plan. Alas, no money meant this wasn’t happening, but a guy can dream right?

Several parking lot beer discussions, pit sessions, and visits to the race track has Larson and I talking about this on several occasions over the years. Meanwhile several Drag Week competitors started showing up in cars that never were a car to begin with and had some people in an uproar about their legitimacy, including Larry and myself. Now don’t get all worked up saying “Well Chad, it’s no different that what you wanted to do with a Brogie roadster!” Well, technically you are correct. But…in my defense, a 1935 Chevrolet bodied hot rod, race car, or whatever is commonly built around a fiberglass body. Camaros are not.

While the beginning of the Pro Mod era of Drag Week was upon us, Larry began preaching the gospel about real street cars being steel, or at least having them start life as an actual car with a VIN, while growing a following of believers and racers who felt the same way and wanted to prove it.

Fast forward to Drag Week 2013, and Larry Larson is sitting at home watching the Kansas City Chiefs play on Tech Sunday of Drag Week for the first time in years. He’s enjoying a beer, but paying close attention to the happening at Drag Week, the amazing attention his lack of participation is creating, and is starting to rattle around an idea to come back and kick ass, regardless of “the man’s” rules or lack thereof.

Brainstorming and scheming by Larry and I, along with some encouraging ideas from a select few guys, had us in full dream mode and with an initial plan we thought would work just after SEMA. After some long hours on the phone, we decided on a partnership that could make this thing a reality for Drag Week 2014. After a few phone calls that showed we could get some support, we decided that PRI was going to be our chance to bring it to a couple of key sponsors and supporters and see what happened. By noon on the first day of PRI 2013, this thing was a reality. At least on paper.

“The truck” as we have called it for the past 10 months, actually started on January 5th with the purchase of a 1998 S10. Since the brakes were stuck on, Larry actually had to pull it off the trailer, and into the shop, with his 5-Time Drag Week winning Chevy II. Strip, cut, hack, were the words of the day for several days as Larson cut this thing into what we needed to get a start. We’ll have build photos for you to check out in coming days, but suffice it to say it got a lot less S10 before it started looking like one again.

Drag Week 2014 Larry Larson Plans S10 Pro Mod 013

The truck, aka Reason #8, features a one-off Larson Race Cars built 25.2 chassis, and every bit of fabrication, bodywork, and paint was done in house at Larson Race Cars. Larry’s normal co-pilot, Troy Wakeman led an insane crew of guys on a bodywork thrash adventure to make it as pretty as it is, and again we’ll go into details on that later.

Besides the obvious chassis and body fabrication, a slew of great companies were involved in this project, providing the best parts the aftermarket has to offer, along with advice and labor to make things happen.

Drag Week 2014 Larry Larson Plans S10 Pro Mod 012

Drag Week 2014 Larry Larson Plans S10 Pro Mod 007

Drag Week 2014 Larry Larson Plans S10 Pro Mod 010

We’re going to let the photos speak for themselves today, but will give you a more complete rundown, with more specs and details, in the coming days. For now, we’re going to act like street racers and not give you much info on particulars. We want to keep you guessing. Let your eyes wander over a few of these photos and see what you can figure out on your own.

Drag Week 2014 Larry Larson Plans S10 Pro Mod 014

Drag Week 2014 Larry Larson Plans S10 Pro Mod 009

Drag Week 2014 Larry Larson Plans S10 Pro Mod 005

Drag Week 2014 Larry Larson Plans S10 Pro Mod 004

Drag Week 2014 Larry Larson Plans S10 Pro Mod 003

Drag Week 2014 Larry Larson Plans S10 Pro Mod 002

Drag Week 2014 Larry Larson Plans S10 Pro Mod 001

Drag Week 2014 Larry Larson Plans S10 Pro Mod 006

Drag Week 2014 Larry Larson Plans S10 Pro Mod 008

Q&A With Larson and Reynolds:

What do you think the response will be from fellow Drag Week competitors, and the public alike?

Larson “I think there will be a few of them that say I folded, but I think there are going to be just as many supporters, backers, that go “Hell yes Larry, hammer them.”  And especially when the find out it has factory steel roof, cab, and quarters on it.”

Reynolds “I think there are going to be some people that just about shit themselves when they see this thing. It’s a Pro Mod car, but it has the factory VIN, is way more steel than anyone would believe, and as Larry and I have both said, they decided Unlimited was going to be Unlimited, so here we go.”

Larson “They said they wanted Unlimited. This thing can say Pro Mod, or Top Fuel, on it and as long as it’s legal on the road, they can’t bitch. It’s what they asked for.”

What do you think about everyone’s infatuation with going quicker than Andy Frost? Is that the goal for this new project?

Larson “I have no idea why everyone is so concerned with Andy Frost. Our goals have NOTHING to do with Andy Frost. If beating his “record” were the goal, I wouldn’t have built something like this. If we only run 6:30s, I’ll think about a new career. And if I were him, I wouldn’t be bragging about 6:40’s in a Pro Mod car.”

Reynolds “Somehow Andy Frost has garnered all this attention (including right here since we’re talking about him”, because somehow he’s convinced the world that his car is the ultimate street car. It hasn’t done an event like Hot Rod Drag Week, he won’t bring it here to the states, even after being offered sponsorship to come, and since it’s a composite Pro Mod car, it should run much quicker than 40’s. Our own goals are very specific, and Andy Frost’s ET is so far behind where we are aiming, that it’s not worth discussing further.”

CHAD NOTE: There have been a few people who have suggested that my words on the Andy Frost subject were harsh and that he never was offered a trip to the US to run on Drag Week. I should have prefaced my words in the interview response above by saying that the information I was basing my response on was provided to me by what I took as a good source. If this is not the case, then Andy Frost I apologize. With that said, everyone in the world is going to argue back and forth as to who has the fastest street car, just as they have argued who has the fastest car. Start defining things, and then trying to qualify them further, and it gets pretty grey. If I had a car that ran 3 tenths quicker than anyone else, I wouldn’t have any particular drive to go visit them to prove it, so I supposed the same could be said by Andy. Who knows.

I don’t consider an all carbon door car to be a street car in the ultimate sense of the word. Having steel quarters and cab and doors on ours doesn’t make it incredibly different in this case, which is part of the point we are trying to make. In our opinion this truck of ours is a Pro Mod, and a Pro Mod is NOT what we wanted Drag Week’s Unlimited Class to be about. A Pro Mod car that runs 6.40’s is not a very impressive feat given the performance level that Pro Mods have reached in recent years, and that was my point. It’s not that 6.40’s isn’t incredibly impressive otherwise, but again here comes those little qualifiers. Face it folks, we’re never going to agree on all this stuff, we are racers, but the controversy sure will make it exciting.

Chad asking Larry…Did you hear the rumor that this thing exists and was a former NHRA Pro Stock Truck?

Larson “I saw that on the bullet, and it made me laugh. No it wasn’t a Pro Stock Truck. It was an S10, and still is by the rules.”

Reynolds “The speculation over the past few weeks has been amazing. That one made me laugh too. I still can’t get over the fact that our sponsors and the few people who knew about this thing have been keeping it secret. In fact, I have to say that Freiburger, Finnegan, and Kennedy rule for keeping it under wraps like we asked. That’s a class move.”

Are you looking forward to driving this thing?

Larson “The driving part of it I haven’t even been looking forward to, honestly. I’ve just been looking forward to getting it done.”

Chad asks ” You mean the road trip portion of it, or the driving on the race track?”

Larson “Any of it. I mean I’ve thought about it, but getting it done has been my real motivation. If it goes out there and runs smooth and fast, it will be exciting, but I can’t think about that part until it’s complete and we go testing.”

Reynolds “F yeah I’m looking forward to it! I may not license in it before Drag Week, we’ll just have to see how our testing schedule works. But I will afterwards for sure, and then we plan to run it at some select events and probably match race it against the Chevy II. I’ll drive either one at that point, but I’m pretty sure I’ll have to drive the truck cause the Chevy II is a “don’t even think about it son…” kind of car. LOL ”

Stay tuned for more questions and answers that we grabbed during the build, during the scheming, and all along the way. We’ll feed you more cool stuff in coming days!

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121 thoughts on “Reason #8: “Never Count Out Larry Larson” We Unveil Larry Larson’s Potentially 5-Second Barrier Smashing Street Legal S10

  1. orange65

    WOW! I always said if I did an Unlimited car, it would be an S10 or Sanoma. That is cool! Trucks rule!

  2. doug gregory

    Rock-N-Roll. Cool stuff. I figured either Larry was going to concentrate on his business and continue driving the Nova locally (as he’s always done) or step up with a new bullet and lay the smack down. Hopefully new-car bugs and such won’t plague the maiden voyage. We all know Murphy’s Law applies 2x to street/race vehicles. Good luck with it.

  3. Royce

    RIGHT ON!! I have had a lot of respect for Mr. Larson. I met him in Las Vegas at the SCSN race a couple years ago. He is a real down to earth guy. I totally agree with the build and hope he cleans their clock. He was holding his own in his real street car Chevy II that I saw him drive around the streets of Las Vegas. These guys start building carbon fiber race cars and want to ruin what the class was meant to be. He tried to keep the class reasonable and they didn’t want to listen. This truck is badass put it to them in a major way please.

  4. Nytro

    Loved the part about towing this thing off the trailer with Larry’s Nova, too funny! Can’t wait to see this thing run.

  5. andy

    I LOVE the TRUCK!!! I hate where this is headed….sponsored full tilt megabucks unlimited…
    But that is totally how almost ANY form of motorsports progresses…

    To build something like this in that time frame without shutting down the shop…the boys must be asleep on their feet!
    Cannot WAIT to see how this plays out! Should be a CrAzY 10 year anniversary!!

    Love the quote; “They said they wanted Unlimited. It’s what they asked for.” Looks like they’re gonna get it with BOTH barrels!

  6. Vinnie

    WAY TO GO LARRY !!! Definitely cool. No go make it 6!! Pittsburgh is with you. Now if the big dogs at Hot Rod would get their heads out of their asses and come back east we would love to see it at K R P. p.s, Andy Frost is a chicken shit, leave him over the pond!

  7. Kix

    HA! This is freaking EPIC!

    Like the shot heard round the world…. Larry and Chad just flipped the biggest middle finger in the history of drag racing!

    Oddly curious that Freiburger just happened to coincidentally announce without any prior knowledge of this vehicle that the drag week rules for unlimited would not change?!?!


    1. tron

      That announcement was for next year’s rules, it has no effect on this year’s event.

      Also, pretty sure Freiburger knew about the truck, they mention him in the interview.

  8. 38P

    Larson’s got to do what he’s got to do, but this is very, very disappointing, IMHO. Another “cookie cutter” Chevy drag truck. Just change the paint and badges and it probably could pass for the “Daddy Dave” Sonoma from TV . . . . Bummer.

    Sad that nobody with an “unlimited” budget will step up with a competitive Mopar or Ford to enliven the show.

      1. 38P

        Larson’s a dyed-in-the-wool Chevy man, I guess.

        I just hate to see somebody spend $$$$$$$ and just do the same thing as others have done.

        I’ll not apologize for rooting for a “Brand X” competitor in Unlimited . . . or for my own relative poverty that prevents me from entering one. (MY FAULT, SQUIRREL, MY FAULT!)

        If I were a Chevyphile, I’d be probably be dancing in the streets over this . . . yawn . . . bit of “same ol’ same ol’ . . . .

        Best wishes to Larson and BSC. (Although I suppose I’m rooting for Lutz as having the best unlettered “street” Chevy this year)

          1. 38P

            It’s not, Chad. My point was an oblique reference to the impending DW ’15 rule that’s going to outlaw decals and lettering that HRM’s not getting paid for.

            Clearly Larson is one of the majority who believe that “street cars” shouldn’t be lettered or stickered. (I’m in the apparent minority that believes in freedom of expression, even in “street car” racing)

    1. RockJustRock

      The Daddy Dave parallel is for IRONY ferchrissakes! I can’t believe it’s not named “The UnSonoma”. Also Hot Rodded 66-67 Chevy IIs WERE outcasts during the 70s and 80s.

    2. BeaverMartin

      Well he’s got the money, time, and know how. I’d love to build an unlimited twin turbo cummins diesel powered, AMC spirit but I lack all 3 of those key components, so more power to him.

    3. greg

      hey dude put yur glasses on… not even close to bein a “cookie cutter”…look at how high the bed side is compared to the cab n compare it to the ‘PRO STOCK TRUCK BODIES”! the bad thing about a ford or mopar motor to be competitive in dragweek, it would probably cost half as much as that whole S-10

  9. john

    If Chad’s driving this monster, he should tape his goatee to his chin dare he swallow it. HMMMMMMM! 😉

  10. Al

    They could fix the issue of the big buck sponsorships (at least to a big extent) by making a rule against any use of the cars in advertising. That along with no company stickers on the cars. Very few companies will want to sponsor a car without getting the publicity that fast car will bring. There has to be a way to write that so it’s legally binding.

    1. 38P

      Hot Rod’s own sponsors want to use the cars in their advertising (i.e. see the Gear Vendors ads) . . . Follow the money . . . Greedy TEN just wants their cut of the “action.”

    1. Chad Reynolds Post author

      You clearly have never spent much time with Larry. He’s the one who needs the big cooler.

  11. joebogey

    This is awesome, I was hoping Larry would make a return, having Chad’s cheesy grin hanging out the passenger window just makes it that much better. I see #6 and a bunch of shenanigans ensuing.

  12. RockJustRock

    When I saw the first photo I hoped the bed was set up to hold as much as a Chevy II trunk, but all good anyway. 5 Time? Larry wouldn’t do that just to instantly obsolete it when he wins again. But Larry don’t brag, he simply states truth. 5.9? Matching paint, where is the group photo?

  13. 38P

    Larson . . . .” as long as it’s legal on the road, they can’t bitch. It’s what they asked for.”

    Someone should point out that this truck isn’t EPA “legal” nor street legal in at least 11 states that follow CARB emission rules.

    If and when the environmental agencies get a whiff of DW, they may become the proverbial “800-lb gorilla” in the room.

      1. 38P

        Just try to register it back home in Cali . . . .

        I remember when the EPA whacked Joel Rosen for those Motion BBC Vegas. If the bureaucrats ever wake up, I predict they might start passing out some hefty fines and injunctions. I hope I’m wrong.

    1. bubruins

      Then I guess that if you want to have the fastest street legal vehicle then you should first move to another state. Extreme, yes. But so is any 2000hp + vehicle. If the EPA knows what’s best for the nation, they’d be more effective in getting the millions pre 1974 cars and trucks that don’t have catalytic converters off the road than a few racecars that take to the street a few times a year.

    2. RockJustRock

      Kudos to Speedy! He caught Mr. Larson with a less than perfect choice of word. He should have said “registered”. To be legal federally yes, it would have to be a pre-emission body style. However Hot Rod only requires it be REGISTERED in the owner’s home state. If that state doesn’t have mandatory smog inspection or inspection period, what gets away gets away. BTW, what year is Speedway 8? And the laws there? And is the sky about to fall there too?

      1. 38P

        I’d like to assert my Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination . . . 🙂

        Section 205 of the Clean Air Act ought to give pause to anyone modifying a late-model vehicle without retaining all of the emissions systems.

        Its fun while the Feds aren’t looking. But someday, they may want to make an example of some of us to “send a message.” Thankfully the tree-hugging Prius set doesn’t read Hot Rod . . . .

      1. 38P

        I don’t have a Prius and I’m not supporting EPA/state action.

        I’m merely observing what I see could become a potential DW problem at some point. Ignoring it won’t make it go away.

        1. RockJustRock

          Why would the feds go for an example out of 300 piddly entrants when they could shoot at 3-5000 at any Street Machine Nationals? Why is Larson contributing any more to the problem than anyone else? It’s just your response to balls and talent is find a way to hate on them.

          1. 38P

            Because unlike some unknown mope who replaces his cats with an illegal “test pipe” or rips off his DEF system in total obscurity, the celebrities in DW Unlimited get huge amounts of ink.

            The making of examples in law enforcement is about having a “chilling effect,” not about catching the largest number of violators possible.

            I hope I’m wrong . . . I hope I’m wrong . . . but I sure wouldn’t put a target on my back by boasting about how “legal” my stuff was to every journalist around.

    1. Chad Reynolds Post author

      You guys might get some parking lot live broadcasts from the host hotels at night. We’ll see. Could be fun.

  14. NovaTT540

    Larson for President! Chad can be VP! The truck looks great. We want live coverage from the road! 🙂

  15. Chad Ringener

    You BAD MOTHER Trucker!!!
    LMAO That why Larry is the King of Dragweek!!

    Kick Ass and win this year!

    I’ll be there in a Blown Chevy II thanks to my Hero’s humble beginnings!!

    1. 38P

      Somebody with a huge budget will probably run a little splash of nitromethane eventually . . . After all it’s not against the rules . . . and if they don’t get too greedy with the percentages, maybe the bullet might hang together for the week.

      1. RockJustRock

        The A/F gap between Nitro and Gas is phenominal. Methanol and Gas is closer and the flow rate with Methanol allows EFI for quick A/F change. There isn’t an EFI alive that can handle Nitro. But hairdryers are cool with Alky.

        1. 38P

          1. It might be manageable in 1940s Edelbrock percentages
          2. Multi-stage fuel system . . . . (nothing says one couldn’t piggyback a mechanical enrichment stage onto an EFI primary . . . all it takes is time and money)

  16. Johnny

    You heard it on the bullet, that’s funny. Where rumors(lies) spread faster than the speed of a Larsen driven street car. Love drag week, however my favorite was watching 200 MPH pass at SCSN and then the cruise down the strip with Joe that night. Good luck, hope all goes as planned for you guys.

  17. Dave Allen

    Now things just got iteresting! That thing is bad-ass!

    “Reynolds “Somehow Andy Frost has garnered all this attention (including right here since we’re talking about him”, because somehow he’s convinced the world that his car is the ultimate street car. It hasn’t done an event like Hot Rod Drag Week, he won’t bring it here to the states, even after being offered sponsorship to come, and since it’s a composite Pro Mod car, it should run much quicker than 40′s. Our own goals are very specific, and Andy Frost’s ET is so far behind where we are aiming, that it’s not worth discussing further.”

    Perhaps you should take a look at the latest statement on the RV1 facebook page .
    Mr frost clearly states the opposite regarding sponsorship. They also say they have more to come from the car. Just bear in mind that there is considerably fewer chances to race here in the UK/europe and the weather is pure pot luck. Im sure they would like to turn the power up but i bet they dont want to blow it up either.
    Honestly, no matter what body you have, if its a tube chassis underneath, its a purpose built race car. Call it pro mod or whatever, it is what is. Can it be driven on the street legally? well then it must be street legal….

    Im not having a go at this truck or its builder/driver/crew, I love it!, and will be pulling some late nights to watch DW. Its just getting boring people having a dig at RV one minute, then kissing their asses.

    1. Phil Mason

      Agree, Larson’s car wouldn’t get past the UK’s strict testing criteria. Yes Frosty’s ‘Record’ is a record if people like it or not (Unless he was an American of course then it would be an awesome car) WTF has drag week got to do with everything, Absolutely nothing – The record still stands as it is a street legal car. Frosty never bad mouths other racers, What does it prove?
      If money was no object why don’t you guys come over here eh – Not that easy logistically is it!. If we had your weather Frosty would have some serious track time under his belt and may be even quicker – There’s no doubt the car has plenty in reserve.

      You guys are all taking part in a sport that you all love what’s the point of bad mouthing people’s hard work – There is obviously a bit of niggling jealousy that some people can’t handle.

    2. Beagle

      weather is pot luck here in September. Read: Rain, HOT, both.

      I’ll have a go at the truck… reminds me of Jimmy Durante.

      now go have fun. That is all.

  18. Scott campbell

    Sounds like RV1 wouldn’t get a Vin in the US so he won’t take it over there.Rule a re rules.
    Cool car Larry.All the best team.I need to do DW next year.

    1. 38P

      Careful Steve. If you point out that all the rich guys in Unlimited are Chevy fanboys (or perhaps on the GM dole?) and no millionaires have stepped up to build a competitive Mopar or Ford . . .or anything else for that matter, you’ll be branded by the Larson Chevy fan club as a “downer” . . . or worse.

      1. RockJustRock

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t “fanboy” a “downer” term? Will you address Mr. Larson and Mr. Reynolds as Fanboy Chad and Fanboy Dave if you meet them on Drag Week? Plus the Cab, Doors and Quarters are the only Chevrolet MANUFACTURED parts on the truck. Are you saying there are too many engines around with the same bore spacing and bolt patterns? Comment again when you have something positive and meaningful to add, ‘Kay?

  19. Chris Kenny

    I like the fact that larry still has to slate Andy, if he would talk to Andy like a grown up, he would see that there both doing the samething, Andy runs pro mod because over here in England we don’t have that many classes, and our own street eliminator class won’t allow the Lenco transmission. Andy is a really good guy. I reckon that larry Larson will run quicker, than 6.40, I do like the truck, and larry, but can’t anyone see the contradiction in larry’s answers, you can’t moan about people bitchin, and then in the very next answer bitch about andy’s car. Andy should be praised for pushing the street car challenge forward, as I’m sure we all will when or if larry takes the crown. Also when has a car got to complete drag week to become the fastest street car? Don’t get me wrong I love drag week and all it stands for, (and I will be watching from the uk) but it’s a complete fabrication that you need to do drag week to have the fastest street car! Surely the fact that it’s a street car and the timing slip is what matters?

    1. 38P

      Smack talk is just part of the American street racing culture.

      Besides, who’s quickest on a given day is probably only valid until the next day or the next race. (Just ask Lutz about DW ’12)

      It’s really a mythical title. That doesn’t detract from anything that Larson or Frost or any of the other “fastest” claimants have accomplished.

      Besides, there’s not really any international consensus on what constitutes a “street” car.

    2. canuck

      re: when has a car got to complete drag week to become the fastest street car?
      — umm well … if you don’t drive it like a street car, you can’t claim street car status. There is lots of full out race cars can idle their way back to the pits. I don’t know of any other test better than this, to test/ prove how “streetable” your car is.

      1. Chris Kenny

        Andy’s car is indeed a street car, it is taxed mot’ed and insured, and he does take it out on the road (there is numerous YouTube clips to prove this) so again I why does it need to complete drag week to be the fastest street car? Is it because it’s not American perhaps?

        We could all make up dumb rules to prove it’s streetable or not. Here is one it can’t be the fastest street car until it’s driven down my street in the UK, just to prove it goes along uk roads!! That sounds stupid and is supposed to be, but it no dumber than what your saying

        If the car is street legal in it’s country or state, and had the fastest/quickest ticket then it is the fastest street car! Denying frosty is the fastest (ATM) is just sticking you head in the sand!

        Also Andy has publicly said if/when larry runs quicker than him, he will happily congratulate him on a job well done, and will not make up bs rules, to deny him of the title.

      2. Will66

        Andy Frost has always been pretty clear on what his car is, that’s a street-legal Pro-Mod. It does get street driven and it’s as “streetable” as any car that runs 220+ in the 1/4 mile. I very much doubt that he’ll ever compete in Drag Week simply because it tends to fall at the same time as the Final meet of the European Pro-Mod season.

  20. Casper

    The paint scheme looks vaguely familiar, I know I’ve seen it somewhere before…

    I like Larsons attitude and I’m wanting to see this truck kick some ass. Best of luck guys.

  21. jim gray

    MISSOURI, Larry Larson, nows the, ” yu’d the big chief “, and you wipin

    assie !!! GOGOGO !!!

  22. Greg Stokes

    WOW – that’s one helluva car err pickup! Way to go Larry and Chad! BTW – the twin turbo Brogie roadster? Google Karen Hay – NZ’s fastest and quickest female drag racer – that’s what she runs! I can email you more info and pics if you are interested!?

  23. Karen Hay

    Hey there, that is VERY cool!!!!! Id luv to come and watch Drag week!!! We run a Warren Brogie 27T roadster in New Zealand. We recently twin turbo’d it after being supercharged. This season we ran 6.61 and hoping for a sub 6.5 sec pass outta of her this season :-). Good luck at Dragweek!!

  24. will

    So is thing gonna just. Drive south out of kc with no test and tune no fine tuning ? So how long has it been done and how in the hell in this Twitter snap chat Facebook bangshift world did Larry keep it under wraps? Can’t wait to see what it’s got

  25. dieselgeek

    You guys still let that 38P clown hang out here? Is that a charity case or ? The dude is a poster child for jealous haters without clues.

  26. Monk

    It’d better have a radio or Larry is gonna have to listen to Chad
    talk during the road trips.

    I dig it.

  27. greg

    Looks like the boys at LARSON RACECARS have been real busy,building the Buick the late model Camaro plus the well hidden S-10 all for DRAG WEEK! All i will say for now is i hope the saturday after drag week has all the unlimited cars still running cuz i want to see some unlimited heads up racin.1 last idea… too bad larry didnt wait for the C7 drag body to come out n build that since it is glass to begin with , alot more aerodynamic than the old Nova or the S-10!!!

    1. Chance Reh

      Although a radical c7 corvette street/strip monster would be amazing to see in the search of pure quickness approaching pro-mod levels it probably wouldn’t be the greatest choice. The Corvette still has a relatively short wheelbase and would need to be extended to get around the ideal length of about 115″, which in my mind would somewhat defeat the purpose of using the stock glass body if you’d need to stretch it to make it fit. The corvette would also not offer near as much room under the body that something like the s-10. So while we probably won’t see a c7 as a 6 second smasher, it could be very possible for someone to want to go the same route as the ZL1 Camaro that Larry built this year and create something that could run mid 7’s and still have all the creature comforts, to me that would be really cool.

      1. greg

        Yes i agree the ZL1 with all the creature features would be cool…BUT to me all the creature comforts takes the spirit of drag week least he can say”I GOT THE FASTEST CAR WITH A/C AND A BACKUP CAMERA AT DRAG WEEK” …how lame! As far as a corvette bodied car vs a s-10 on room ,i totally disagree! My brother has an exreme regular cab and 2 c6 vettes and haven driven them all, the vettes will have plenty of room inside and under the hood,especially when you have a massive cowl hood on both.Plus i do believe that Tim Lynch is or was runnin a stock bodied c6 vette, what i mentioned was the c7 drag body which would be alot lighter than a stock body.And last point is… doesnt Frankie Taylor have both records in a door car with a c6 bodied pro mod car?

  28. claymore

    I suspect that this vehicle was “registered” at DMV BEFORE all the modifications. Has it gone through the registration process AFTER the mods as it stands now? I think not.

    1. Beagle

      Registered and Inspected are two different animals here. Nothing much to registering one with a clean title in hand. Inspecting one in a non-emissions county is not real heard either. EPA busting you is another story.

    1. Chad Reynolds Post author

      We agree Monty.

      There appears to be some confusion from folks on why we built this. We didn’t want Unlimited to go here. We have worked very hard to keep it from going here. We built this truck to show where it shouldn’t be going, knowing that we might only be able to run it on Drag Week for one year.

      1. Tdice

        Chad, great build and Glad to see LL back in the game and great to see you in there with him but can you explain why building this is a protest at where the unlimited class has gone? I’m not have having a go I’m just unclear about your stance here and what this proves? It seems to me you’ve all done a great job of building a bat shit crazy race car that can be driven across country that fits the rules, kudos. I understand why so many want to see street cars modified for racing and not a race car modified for the street, let’s face it making street cars go fast is what most of us are about but what’s wrong with a genuinely unlimited class where there is space for the wildest creation you can dream up….and get registered…..and drive across country. Wouldn’t it be possible just to have another class that stipulated something like 50% of factory steel has to maintained other than that the sky’s the limit? I kind of like the fact that there’s a place for the lunatic fringe I don’t aspire to it but I like that it exists.

      2. Burner303

        Not sure if I totally buy that.

        If you guys were wanting to make a statement with the truck, you should have really went full retard with it. We’re talking a full on flopper funny car style build, but with enough stuff to make it street legal. THAT would have gotten some rules changed.

        This truck doesn’t seem to push any boundaries that are not already being pushed. On the contrary, is rather restrained compared to the plastic cars running last year. The point that this truck is driving home is that it is possible to build a full on, pro mod style race car from a steel body with a factory VIN. It’s a big middle finger to the plastic cars, but nothing else. It’s not going to make anyone realize unlimited is going too far nor get rules changed because of it.

        If you want rules changed, you reeeeeeally got to go all out. Think of a funny car with headlights and taillights.

        No disrespect to the build, it is awesome, and I cannot wait to see how it does. But if the point was to show that unlimited has gone too far, I think you guys kinda missed it.

        1. nitrostreet

          @ burner I don’t think a street legal flopper would have proven anything, but it would have certainly made much of Larry’s fan base turn their back on him.

          This S10 with the real VIN #, real steel cab and quarters makes the perfect statement: You CAN STILL take a real production car/truck and build it to run with the best of them, there will always be detractors but I think the majority of Larry’s fan base will warm up pretty quick to his truck.

          Can’t wait to see some times…..

          1. Burner303

            I love the statement that you can build a competitive pro mod style racer from a steel body with a VIN. That is what I thought the truck was supposed to be saying when I first saw it. If it was, it’s perfect and I love it.

            But Chad just said it was built to show that unlimited has gone too far, and that it needs to be reigned back in. If that is the case, the truck is not giving that vibe off at all.

            A street legal flopper on the other hand, would have rustled some feathers, especially if it won, the internet would have been ablaze about it not being a real street car, much, much worse than people do now. People would have hated it, and it would have put Drag Weeks Fastest Street Car credibility under the gun. But it would still be within the rules…rules that would be guaranteed to be changed the next year to something along the lines of having to use a factory car as a start, with so much of the factory metal remaining, etc. Which is what a lot of people want.

            I don’t think Larry’s fans would turn their backs on him either, maybe some of the dumber people, but I think most of his fans would know EXACTLY what he was doing if he turned up in a car like that.

            This truck is still majorly kickass.

          2. nitrostreet

            I do agree that a flopper would have ruffled some feathers, I think that would be for someone else to build, I could never imagine Larry being the one to do that, I kinda guessed that Larry was going to take one of his customer-cars and run it in Drag week for a year or 2 to make his point, this truck was 1000 times better than anything I had imagined.

            If Larry can go 1000+ miles and click off some 6.30s like he says (and the pro-mod cars can’t) then I think he’s made his statement, no flopper needed.

          3. nitrostreet

            I do feel though that if Hot Rod doesn’t do something with the rules there will be a Flopper, Dragster, or and Altered showing up for Drag Week, and like Hot Rod said themselves “As the cars get wilder the interest in the class wanes”

      3. Nicholas

        I hope you guys will be there for 2015, my dad will be running in unlimited with our tt bbc powered 09 camaro. hopefully we will line up together or somethin

  29. ch3no2junkie

    Its funny that no one has said a word about the engine yet! The heads are Brodix PS 5000 series. For 5″ bore space. That’s a big ProLine motor! Their website shows 3200 to 3700 horsepower! “That’ll do”.

  30. Scott Liggett

    I always knew Larry was cool, but he is tops because his new ride has SIDEPIPES!!

    As for Chad riding shotgun on DW, currently scratching his name off my christmas card list. So green with envy!

  31. Wes

    I’m a Larry Larson fan but I was hoping the Chevy II would be back this year with more grunt……….not a Pro Stock truck.

  32. OldBob

    Congrats LL and Chad on the great ride. I’m stoked for seeing this at Drag Week and am hopeful for some BS live video from the parking lots.

  33. Capital E

    This is bitchin. I am so stoked for next week. One rule that Hot Rod absolutely needs to put into effect is a NO SPONSORSHIP rule. I mean seriously f-that! That is for the vehicles competing. Sponsorship’s to make the event are great and what allows for this fantastic event.

  34. Sam Strube

    I absolutely salute you guys for building this thing! You did it for all the right reasons! Keep us posted on how it runs! Sam

  35. greg

    I’ve got an idea to the problem with the car across the pond,it would take alot of work but it could be done and it would shut everyone up on who is the baddest. First find out how many 1/4 mile dragstrips there are over in the u.k.,then figure out the routes in between them to be the same distance as they are doin in dragweek.If these dragstrips will participate in doin a u.k. version of dragweek, im sure there are other cars overthere that could do it.But i dont think they have the balls to do it over there!And since we have never seen or heard about the car from across the pond doin nothing but a short city cruise or racin we cant agree he is the quickest street car in the world.I know personally larson has driven the nova to several different races that were over a 100 miles away n driven back home over the years.And remember after he had won dragweek within the next year he enter the nova in a n.h.r.a. santioned race and went a few rounds , i also readin in a different magazine how they heard what they thought was a pro style car n went to the pits to check it out and it was larson, then they said a few hours later larry passed them up goin down i-70, so i know larry drives the wheels off the nova compared to eveyone else!

  36. Mikey

    Larry is a great guy and can’t wait to see it run your 5’s but seriously did you have to add the monkey but pink strip lol jk Really cool to have meet you and good luck man

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