Want To Become A Carburetor Guru? Learn From The Guys That Build Them! Holley Announces New Holley Carburetor 101 Classes

Want To Become A Carburetor Guru? Learn From The Guys That Build Them! Holley Announces New Holley Carburetor 101 Classes

Everyone seems to have EFI the brain in recent years, and we understand and love them for it, but carburetors are still way more plentiful in the hot rod and racing world and we still get asked about tuning them on a regular basis. So do the guys at Holley, the undeniable leaders in carburetors, and so they’ve announced that they will be holding new Carburetor 101 classes on a first come first served basis. If you wan to learn how they work, how to rebuild them, and how to tune them for your application then this is the class for you. These classes are going to also include tours of Holley’s manufacturing plant and a few other cool treats as well. Check out all the info below.

Holley is pleased to announce the expansion of their popular training courses; consumers will now have the ability to learn carburetors from one of the most trusted names in performance. For more than 115 years, Holley has been producing quality fuel system components and here is your opportunity to learn in a hands-on classroom environment right here in Bowling Green, KY!

The Holley model 4150/4160 platform has been in production since 1956 first debuting on a 1957 Ford Thunderbird 312 and over the past 64 years they have been used on countless OEM production vehicles. Nearly every form of performance automotive and marine application one can think of, has relied on a Holley carburetor to deliver power reliably for years on end. No longer will carbureted fueling methods seem like “black magic”, by the end of this course you will have a fundamental understanding of the various circuits and their functions as well as initial setup, tuning and proper rebuilding procedures. New for 2020, this course is intended to clear up general misconceptions about carbureted fuel systems as well as give students a first hand experience on tearing down, inspecting and re-assembling a model 4150 or model 4160 carburetor. Course registration is on a first-come first-serve basis, so take advantage by registering early! Students will be subjected to catered lunches as well as in-depth presentations/discussions by Holley’s two training instructors. Each participant will be granted the opportunity to tour our manufacturing facility (which has been producing carburetors for over 60 years) and allowed a loaner carburetor for practical training and disassembly. Participants may bring their own carburetor but it must be clean, dry and free of fuel/solvent fumes.

This course runs for two days and takes place at the National Corvette Museum from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM each day; for a comprehensive look at the various topics covered as well as registration, check out the “Carb 101” page HERE. For more information on our other training programs like Holley EFI training, look at our Training events page HERE.

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