Alex Taylor’s Quest For The Sixes Means Lots Of Work In Little Time For The 1955 Chevrolet

Alex Taylor’s Quest For The Sixes Means Lots Of Work In Little Time For The 1955 Chevrolet

These are the videos you have all been waiting for, the ones where the giant thrash in the final days of the 1955 Chevrolet build happen. There was a lot of trick stuff happening in very little time, and then the all night thrashes started. In the final few days, there were a lot of folks getting very little sleep and we all got a bit punchy and delirious. Watch the videos, and you’ll be both impressed and laughing.

This project has come a long way in way less time than anyone would normally believe. And it is all being built in-house at the Taylor’s hot rod shop, where the entire family works to build some of the coolest rides in the country. But this one is Alex’s, not a customer car, and the thrash is on to get this thing on the road for the summer drag and drive events like Rocky Mountain Race Week and Drag Week. Every bit of the build has been documented and we’re sharing it all, but know that there is a lot of cool stuff coming in. We were lucky enough to do some work on this bad boy and can tell you that the thrash is real. LOL Just wait, because it is coming soon.

In the videos below, there are a bunch of things going on. They start with lights and headers, which by the way came together in one day. Yes, a turbo setup for a car like this in one day, which is yet another testament to what Dennis Taylor is capable of. And they get after the patina, over carbon fiber, and we certainly dig the end result. There is a lot going on in these two videos and they both are leading up to finally driving this sucker! We helped thrash, everyone helped thrash, and nobody got any sleep before finally hitting the road.

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