The Crawler Hauler Is Getting Finished Out Now! Interior And Solar, Check It Out.

The Crawler Hauler Is Getting Finished Out Now! Interior And Solar, Check It Out.

We showed you this cool crawler hauler project yesterday and told you that there are all kinds of things that are going to be upgraded and finished on this project, and here are a couple videos showing just what this thing is all about. In these two videos, there is some interior work going on and solar for the roof, because it may not be the fanciest accommodations, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be real comfortable in this bad boy.


As the resident RV and trailer guy, I appreciate cool campers, rvs, car haulers, and the like. I have often thought about building my own toy hauler of sorts and this one certainly is cool. It’s not huge, or fancy, but it sure looks like a great way to spend the evenings when out on the trail in your favorite off-road rig. Or a nice place to get out of the sun if you are at a race. And while everyone always wants enclosed trailers, the only downside is that they are limited on what you can fit inside them if what you are into is lifted or big stuff. Even a lot of current side by sides have a hard time fitting in your average enclosed trailer if you do anything to the suspension systems on them. But that is NOT an issue on this bad boy and we dig it.

Like I said it isn’t going to be the fanciest accomodations, but it is out of the sun, the rain, and the cold so that makes it good to us.

In this video you’ll see the Code Brown Productions Crawler Hauler, and while it doesn’t show the entire build he goes through the key components and features in the base build. I call it the base build, because he is doing even more to it and we’ll bring you the videos on those additions as well. Until then, check out this beast and let us know what you think he should add so we can see if you end up being right on what he’s already doing.

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