Here’s Your Chance To Own A Legit Vintage Dodge Charger Funny Car Body!

Here’s Your Chance To Own A Legit Vintage Dodge Charger Funny Car Body!

Who doesn’t want a funny car body in their shop? I mean seriously. Even if you don’t want to own an actual funny car, everyone thinks it is cool when you see one hanging from the ceiling or on the wall. But this one is legit old and could be the perfect addition to your vintage funny car build as well. According to the seller, it is a real deal Fiberglass Ltd built body which makes it something special. Check out the description and photos below, and use the link to visit the auction on eBay Motors.


Seller’s Description:

This is a Real Historic Funny car made in the late 1960’s 

from Fiber Glass Ltd. They made all the funny car bodies close to Chicago

this is the same as Grand Spaulding Dodge Super Charger and other Charger funny cars 

this would be awesome for you to finish and put on your own chassis and built it 

or hang up on the wall in a Man cave or a bar!!!! Great Advertising!!!!!!!!!

 I was told the body is around 200lbs and comes with wooded support on wheels

very easy to move will fit in a 24 U Haul Moving truck

come on out and pick it up

this is a once in a lifetime to have a real funny car 1969 charger General Lee

this is is the Ultimate conversation piece 

We do sell worldwide

Please note this is just a Fiberglass body!!!!!

must contact in 1-hour end of the auction or will be re-listed!!! 

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6 thoughts on “Here’s Your Chance To Own A Legit Vintage Dodge Charger Funny Car Body!

  1. john

    Don’t rush to bid people… still none at $19,999 with 3+ days to go. Take the girlfriend, wife/kids out for pizza, you have time!

  2. Jeff

    Would have probably been better off leaving it in whatever paint it was in, no matter what the condition was. Old FC bodies are cool….much cooler than anything new for sure.

  3. Piston Pete

    The seller must have painted it without wearing a respirator. He’s delirious if he thinks this is worth $20K and Chad should have called him out for it in the article. Cool is cool, but we’re not stupid.

  4. Ted

    I believe 6 of these “mini-Charger 500” Fiberglass LTD bodies were built in 1969. These were for the blown nitro funny cars. Many more standard Chargers (non-flush rear window. non “mini-Chargers”) were built by Fiberglass LTD for injected cars. Of the blown Nitro Cars: Roland Leong got the first body with the first Logghe stage 2 Chassis ever built, Castronovo Brothers got the next Charger/Logghe Stage 2. Gene Snow and Nelson Carter (Super Chief) both got the same package sometime after Leong and Castronovo got theirs. Mr. Norm got his “mini-Charger” body mounted on an older design Logghe Stage 1. The sixth body was sold to Chi-Town Hustler team, which was mounted on their own design/built chassis. I believe all the “mini-Chargers”had Al Bergler tin work, except the Chi-Town Hustler.

  5. 69rrboy

    I’m pretty sure he sold the company off a few years ago now but up until just a few years ago Army Armstrong was selling 68-70 Charger FC bodies(and many others) to nostalgia drag guys for a fraction of what this guy wants for his.

    Plus they were brand new, I’m assuming were made better, not 50 years old, and were never crashed or on fire yet and they’d look exactly the same as an original body sitting in the back corner of your garage painted up. Just sayin.

  6. Ted

    IMO; the wheelbase on that car is considerably longer than the original one pictured in black & white photo. The wheelbase of F/C’s in 1969 were only 117 inch (+-). Compare the nose of the bodies (base of windshield opening to front bumper), you’ll see the difference.

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