1320 Video’s Coverage From Rocky Mountain Race Week 2020 2.0 Starts Here!

1320 Video’s Coverage From Rocky Mountain Race Week 2020 2.0 Starts Here!

2020 has been one hell of a strange one, with events cancelled, quarantine’s happening, and people being ordered to stay at home. But thanks to the determination and fortitude of a few drag racers in Colorado, the only drive and drag event of 2020 happened not just once, but twice. We are of course talking about 1320Video Rocky Mountain Race Week, which is by far the best one ever conceived. Don’t get me wrong, we dig Drag Week and Mid-West Drags, but RMRW is where it is at. When Matt Frost announced that RMRW 2020 was in fact happening, and we all met in Colorado for a great week of road tripping and drag racing, there were many that thought it was amazing that he was able to pull it off. And we all understand why. But RMRW 2020 did happen, was epic, and went off smooth as silk. So when Hot Rod Magazine announced that Drag Week 2020 wouldn’t be happening, Matt jumped in to offer an event for those guys and gals that had already taken time off work and were ready for some racing vacation.

Just days after Drag Week was cancelled, Rocky Mountain Race Week 2020 2.0 was announced to be happening the same week and would be starting and ending in Tulsa with stops at Heartland Park Topeka, Thunder Valley Oklahoma, and SRCA in Great Bend Kansas. We streamed the every minute of racing action live, and then the guys at 1320Video made sure that all the on road and dramatic moments were caught so you could enjoy them. This was one epic adventure, and here are the 1320Video Daily Updates for the entire event.

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