CLOCKS ON! Murder Nova Runs 4.0 At Throwdown In T-Town

CLOCKS ON! Murder Nova Runs 4.0 At Throwdown In T-Town

The Street Outlaws guys are often super secretive about what their cars actually run, since they are always trying to hustle a race, but not this weekend in Tulsa! Both Murder Nova and Daddy Dave were on hand racing in classes with the clocks on and both ran 4.0 second passes on more than one hit down the track. These two are crazy close on the performance front, although they look very different leaving and heading down the race track. There is no doubt that Murder Nova is all about aggression on the starting line when you watch it leave in this cool video from our friends at Urban Hillbilly Videos.

There are several passes by Murder Nova in this video, although a couple were definitely wise to abort, but even some of the full passes were certainly fun to watch because they were a handful. These cars look just as out of shape on the track as they do on the street on some of these passes and I think some of that is because they are so aggressive on the chassis setup that they hardly have the front wheels on the ground while heading down the track.

Check it out!

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14 thoughts on “CLOCKS ON! Murder Nova Runs 4.0 At Throwdown In T-Town

  1. Chief Jay Strongbow

    Like everything else, when it was in it’s grass roots stage, it was entertaining. Now I don’t even watch it anymore. Much rather watch the 16 second cars at Uncle Sam’s Pie Eating Contest at Byron. I guess it might expose a new generation to drag racing and that is a good thing.

  2. David

    Like it or not…and I’ve bit, my tongue for awhile now…the combo, of the Force Girls, Alexis Dejoria, and the Street Outlaws guys/girls…have been good for drag racing.

    Before, this combined group, hit the track…let’s be honest…drag racing, particularly the NHRA, was getting a perception of being for older, rich guys…whether that was correct or not.

    Drag racing, started to feel, within reach, for young dreamers. Whether you were, a young girl, or a guy, living in the bad part of town…you could be a drag racer. And think of all the, no prep, or everyday street car events, that can trace their existence, to the 1/8 mile events with 5 digit prize funds.

  3. RockJustRock

    They spend more money than a pro mod and are ONLY four tenths slower. Nothing more useless than a race car that can’t win races. And they disprove their boast “ANYONE can get down a prepped race track”.

  4. jerry z

    I just laugh at the people on here posting such hate! Or is it envy? They are doing what many wannabe racer wish they had. Yes the drama from the show is stupid but entertaining. I still occasional watch Street Outlaws only if the racing is good.

    1. bob

      Jerry it is being a “real” racer that gives me such disdain for the drama racing league. So laugh all you want. After all you are admitting you are entertained by STUPID.

  5. the other bob

    Just so you all know, this bob is not the real original bob. The opinions expressed here are strictly his and not those of the real bob.

  6. RockJustRock

    Not even WWE racing. If wrestlers CONSTANTLY claimed they could beat UFC fighters and boxers, maybe close. They’re wannabe, never was racers.

  7. bob

    Just watched a show called street outlaws with some illiterate hick calling himself jj da boss.

    Are you kidding me??


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