Coffeyville Street Drags – Small Tire Drag Racing On The Streets Of Kansas!

Coffeyville Street Drags – Small Tire Drag Racing On The Streets Of Kansas!

Street Racing has become the norm on tv shows lately, but the truth is that it isn’t as easy to street race as it used to be. Well at least if you don’t live in Coffeyville Kansas anyway. That’s because Coffeyville puts on their own street races and lets people truly haul ass, heads up, on the streets in town. There is definitely something cool about any town that will allow this, and the atmosphere is like a festival. They’ve got food vendors, fun, and excitement for kids of all ages. No matter what, the festivities are rocking and the locals come out in force with coolers and chairs in hand. We’ve never seen anything quite like it and that is saying something. The racing is awesome, the cars are great, and nobody on property is having anything less than a good time. This is what street racing should be.

And the racing action is as close as it gets. In fact, with no timing equipment there have been plenty of times that the winner had to be determined based on someone’s video footage. This is close drag racing and it is fun as hell to watch. Other than happening during the day, this feels like legit street racing and is a riot.

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3 thoughts on “Coffeyville Street Drags – Small Tire Drag Racing On The Streets Of Kansas!

  1. Not Aposer

    With all the stories I read about track closings this kind of thing really
    annoys me. I\’m sure there are plenty of NHRA or IHRA tracks in that area that could use the business I don\’t really understand the need to be racing in the street with dopey hand signals and such.

  2. Danno

    Why are racers leaving NHRA sponsored tracks and turning to events like Coffeyville? Here is a perfect example:

    Garrett Mitchell, aka Cleetus McFarland has one of the most successful automotive racing based YouTube channels and is exposing a lot of young viewers (future of drag racing) to cars and hot rodding by bringing good clean car based fun. Cleetus hauled his stuff 2500+ miles (FL to Las Vegas) to LS fest only to be told he can’t run one of the most popular cars in the country because a curmudgeonly, NHRA based person (owner) apparently didn’t like either his car, him or his show. This person didn’t even have the guts to identify himself or tell Cleetus the reasons in person. In my humble opinion, Cleetus handled this situation with way more class than most other racers would have.

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