LIVE VIDEO: The Elite 16 $50,000 To Win Pro Mod Race LIVE! $125,000 Total Purse!

LIVE VIDEO: The Elite 16 $50,000 To Win Pro Mod Race LIVE! $125,000 Total Purse!

If you think big tire drag racing is where it is at, then Pro Mod cars are the baddest of the bad and have to be some of your favorites. Starting Thursday we have three days of HUGE money Pro Mod drag racing going on at the Texas Motorplex in Ennis and we’ll be live with all the action on starting around 5pm Central Time. Racing will continue Friday and Saturday and will include not only the Elite 16 $50k Shootout presented by Mid West Pro Mods and Elite Motorsports, but also will have Mid West Pro Mod Racers chasing the final points of the season as the recent Throwdown in T-Town was cancelled due to rain and will be run along with the Elite 16 this weekend.

More than 50 Pro Mod cars are expected on the property, and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of this awesome event. Big thanks to Elite Motorsports, Summit Racing Equipment, and all the racers and sponsors for letting us be a part of this one. If you are in the area come hang out with us. The weather looks great, every ticket is a VIP pass to the starting line, food, and more. Check it out and join us. If you can’t make the drive, then watch live with us Thursday, Friday, and Saturday on


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6 thoughts on “LIVE VIDEO: The Elite 16 $50,000 To Win Pro Mod Race LIVE! $125,000 Total Purse!

    1. jerry z

      I guess going 200MPH in the 1/8 is slow? I use to feel the same way. Until you have experienced 1/8 mile racing, you won’t understand.

  1. john mendez

    drag racing is racing, had racing at a track that was 1/4 mile but due to short shut down area owers went to 1/8 mile. many of the 1/4 racers told me they did not like 1/8 mile racing but i told them to try it and if they didn,t at least they would know , after their first pass they were the first ones back in the staging lanes. Its iike the saying says , once racing is in your blood u come full speed. Have a friend that was a drag racerback in the 60\”s , would visit the drag races and i would ask if he was getting that feeling again and he would say NO. After about the third race he would just think, to make the story short he went on to build a 1955 chevy gasser like back in the day. keep those Dreams alive.

  2. bob

    I experienced 1/8 mile racing every time I went past half track.

    Then I got the rest of the experience to the 1/4.

    That’s twice as good.

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