March Meet 2018 Nitro Photos Start Right Here! Top Fuel, Funny Cars, And More!

March Meet 2018 Nitro Photos Start Right Here! Top Fuel, Funny Cars, And More!

(Photos by Dyan Lover and Darr Hawthorne) The 60th running of the March Meet was an epic display of all things nitro as teams from all over the country converged on the famed 1320 feet of concrete at Auto Club Famoso Raceway near Bakersfield. While I was busy hosting the show with my partner’s in crime Mike Dunn and Jason Galvin, Darr Hawthorne and Dyan Lover were catching all the action on and off the track. It is always a pleasure working with those two and we appreciate all that they bring to the table with great photos like the ones below. We’ll have even more coming tomorrow, but for now this is gallery number one of our nitro photos. Congratulations to Bobby Cottrell and the Bardahl team for taking the win in their Bucky Austin owned and tuned 1969 Camaro Funny Car. And a big shout out and congratulations to the Circuit Breaker team for taking home the win in Top Fuel! What a team effort and an amazing show that that team put together for the weekend. They should be proud.

Did I forget to mention there were lots of Fuel Altereds on site as well? Yeah, those are in the pics too.

Check them out below.

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20 thoughts on “March Meet 2018 Nitro Photos Start Right Here! Top Fuel, Funny Cars, And More!

  1. Luther Hopp

    I was there for the fuel fun. Was disappointed that they went for the pay for view and they probably didn’t do so well with that with the rain and oil downs in the few runs on Saturday. My favorite moment on Sunday was Pure Hell’s 5.98 even though they went under index and lost it is amazing to see what that team does without using a new fuel funny car chassis with an altered body on it. March meet, a classic car show with a drag race added is always my favorite race of the year. We go to the big show at Pomona and Sonoma each year to see the almost 340 mph show, got to Speedway races up in Auburn, go to sprints in Placerville but love the vintage iron at Famoso Raceway and just the whole feel of the event.

  2. richard

    Once again the NHRA is going to screw up a good thing, Funny Car, with the Pro Mod bodies starting to creep in. People come to see nostalgia funny car not nostalgia pro mod, we have the PDRA, and Midwest Pro Mods who put on great shows, stop it now before it turns into Pro Camaro, whoops I mean Pro Stock

  3. Patrick

    The narrow topped Camaros look like crap and are not in the spirit of true nostalgia bodies.

  4. bob

    Jeremy Proff – Although I’m not 70 I was a part of the era that the current nostalgia racing is representing. The “70 year olds” you are insulting are correct and I assure you that they are viewed with respect.

    Something a cheap punk like you will never have.

    1. Jeremy Proff

      I like all kinds of nitro racing, but nostalgia makes me go away, grandpa. The Camaro body is not wrong, I like it, looks new and fresh.

  5. bob

    “But nostalgia makes me go away, grandpa”. That’s a pretty impressive statement. Then why are you here in the first place?

  6. bob

    “I like it, it looks new and fresh” says the guy watching “nostalgia racing”.

    That’s what the attraction to nostalgia racing is?

    What do you say to that logic?

    1. Jeremy Proff

      You just don’t get it bob

      NITRO, the body of the car does not matter 1 bit. the racing at the march meet was NITRO racing and we 3 who went there are not even 40 yet, not close.

  7. Patrick

    Not 40 either , Those narrow body Camaros look like crap. But then again, racing for only 4-8 seconds seems silly anyway.

    1. James Starks

      Then get out of here and go to the left-turn merry-go-round at the NASCAR circus, Bozo. And jump under it.

  8. Patrick

    Two tough guys on the internet lol. Get outta here, lol, or what? Jumping to conclusions about nascar as well.

  9. bob

    Yea man niitrrooo Jeremy. nitrooo is what it’s all about huh Jeremy. Niitroo – nitrooo – nitrooo. Jeremy I don’t want to hammer on you too much but you are showing you are the guy in the stands talking shit about something you know nothing about.

  10. Butch

    I really enjoyed the “live feed”. The only thing different was the lack of Chris Alston ads and Chad taking phone call questions. Not as much “other” filler as I hoped for during the rain or oil downs, but I was thrilled to get it, especially MONDAY to watch my “neighbor” win AA/FA. Thank you Chad, and Bangshift!

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