Race Week 2.0 – Day Two With Motion Raceworks – Ennis, Texas – Dougs First Ever Wreck / Andy Cruises To a 5.18

Race Week 2.0 – Day Two With Motion Raceworks – Ennis, Texas – Dougs First Ever Wreck / Andy Cruises To a 5.18

Rocky Mountain Race Week is in the books, and we were traveling the route with all these folks so we could bring you the FREE livestream that we had going all week long. It was a week full of fun, adventures, carnage, and more, but even if you were there you wouldn’t have been able to see it all. There is that much going on! But thanks to the folks at Motion Raceworks we’ve got more cool video coverage from the entire week and we’re going to share it all with you one day at a time. They were on-site with their parts merch trailer and were helping people out with great stuff all week long. This is the first video from Day One at Thunder Valley in Noble Oklahoma, which means everyone is racing and there is no on road carnage or anything yet. This is the day where everyone thinks everything is great and that they can win this whole thing. Spirits are high. At least until the racing gets going.

Why? Because some of these poor folks are going to tear their stuff up before they ever get to leave the first track. The good news is that they have all night to work on them because we don’t leave for the next track until the next morning, and the drive isn’t horrible from Thunder Valley to the Texas Motorplex in Ennis. Plus, there is the World’s Largest Summit Racing Equipment store on the way and it’s full of great parts to fix most anything.

Between Summit and the Motion Raceworks trailer full of parts, there was no shortage of new stuff going on hot rods Sunday night.

Here is the video description:

Day two is behind us, filled with ups and a pretty devastating down. Doug had his first ever wreck as his engine failed mid-pass and pushed him into the wall. Mike, Jordan, Red and Andy literally ran the length of the track to get to Doug and check on him. We cannot say enough about the Texas Motorplex and their team. Track prep to safety teams are top notch there. The Nova is out, but Doug’s passion and love for racing has never been stronger. The first words out of Doug’s mouth when Jordan first got to him were “Dude, 4.89 to the eighth!” Andy put down an incredibly solid 5.18 second pass to the eighth mile. One and done in Ennis for Andy. The hard part for him was making his pass after seeing his brother sideswipe a barrier. Stick with us tomorrow as we head to Tulsa, OK, down one driver to cheer Andy on.

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