The Fall Fling At Galot LIVE Continues Sunday For $125,000!

The Fall Fling At Galot LIVE Continues Sunday For $125,000!

The Fling events, whether the Spring Fling, Spring Fling Million, Fall Flings, etc, are some of the finest run bracket races in the world. They have arguably changed the landscape of bracket racing in this country as well, because big money bracket races now provide so much more than just round after round of racing action. These events are a party, a celebration of all things racing, and a show of appreciation to the racers who compete week in and week out to see who can come out on top. But in these uncertain times of COVID-19, just getting to hold an event can be a challenge, even before you get a single car through the gate.

Historically though these Fling events have been a riot to watch, and bring life changing prizes, giveaways, and winner purses to the table. We’ve seen the results up close and personal over the years and can’t say enough about just how fun these events are to be a part of. So when you combine the wonders of a Fling event, with what some consider to be the finest drag racing facility in the country, GALOT Motorsport Park, you are bound to create something special.

This weeks event hasn’t been without some drama as rain came through yesterday, but that didn’t stop the track crew from getting things ready and putting a surface together that could crown some winners.

Today’s purse is $25,000, so lets see who is going to win it!

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