Top 11: McTaggart’s Favorite Cars From Anarchy At The Arch

Top 11: McTaggart’s Favorite Cars From Anarchy At The Arch

When Brian and Chad informed me that I was heading to St. Louis to check out the PSCA Street Car Super Nationals at Gateway, I had no idea what I was in for. I honestly don’t have a good tracking on all of the drag racing sanctioning bodies past NHRA, so to see what PSCA was all about was really cool…and right up my alley. I love doorslammers: the closer to street-legal, the better. And for three days my drag racing side was in heaven, with everything from street cars to gorgeous racers, and how can I forget the two record-breakers in Outlaw Pro Mod?  I shot over six hundred pictures in the three days I was there and it was a task to narrow down my list to eleven. But I somehow managed, and here’s my favorites from Anarchy At The Arch.



It’s reverse lights function, and when the door opens you can still see the sticker with the VIN and curb weights. That gives Scott Lowery’s XLR a ton of credit. Bonus points for picking the oddest body to use for a drag car.




I could not have gotten a better shot of this ’93 Cobra. One of my favorite pictures.




This Terminator was the burnout king. Several times he was at the line after the smoke cleared with wisps still coming out of the trunk and around the taillights. Also won the “What was that noise?!” award when he blew up something hard on Friday.




My guaranteed wheel-up guy, this early 3rd gen Camaro was one to watch. Every single pass he had good air under the front wheels.




If you’re going to be different, be really different. A Corvair wagon is really different.


Street Car Super National St. Louis Gateway Motorsports Park Anarchy at the Arch Thursday Drag Racing Action 053


This early Camaro had it all: good color, screaming motor, tire in the air, and a driver that had no fear.




Alex Rogeo’s Magnum wagon was a bracket-racing bomb. 10.9 all night at 95% factory weight (no backseat or typical stuff.) That Arrington-built 6.4 under the hood made the Angry Grandpa 300C sound downright civil by comparison.




This 1972 Nova was so clean that it hurt. An odd color (sea foam green?) combined with resto-perfect Rally Nova graphics, this car was my focus every time it rolled into the beams. A nice break from a black Nova from the same generation.




Another car I couldn’t keep my eyes off of was this Regal T-Type. Plenty of turbo, but instead of a six, they were hooked to a 400ci Chevy. Surprisingly, I love the headlights in this car.




The challenger: We had been tipped off about this car early on. And over the next three days, on what essentially were shakedown runs for the car, “Mad Man” was taking records. But in the end, there could only be one victor…




The event badass. Enough said.


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9 thoughts on “Top 11: McTaggart’s Favorite Cars From Anarchy At The Arch

  1. Casper

    It’s amazing you got a picture of that Corvair Wagon lifting a tire. I thought for sure it was somehow magnetized to the center core of the earth.

  2. Blue'67CamaroRS

    Good show – Great coverage – a lot of work went into making that Corvair into a 2 door wagon!

  3. Bryan McTaggart Post author

    That Corvair wagon seemed flat as a pancake every run. I was stunned I got any movement out of that car! Got to see the XLR’s window roll up after his burnout…the starter was giving him hell about having it down to clear out tire smoke, then started laughing as it went up.

  4. 1Bad63

    Nice shot of the Fox body! Please tell me there blue oval power under that hood. I saw that green Nova headed through town a few weeks ago-probably headed to Heartland Park-thing is super clean

    1. Fauxbodysnake

      Yes the fox body has a 342 ci ford small block with an 88mm turbo. It’s a true 93 cobra with 29k for miles.

  5. Monk

    Lowery should spend more time figuring out his chassis issues then making sure the back up lights work.

  6. Jeff Harper

    Thanks for the write up and pics of my 1972 “Rally Nova” hope to be back @ SCSN St. Louis again in 2015 this time I’ll be a little faster! 🙂

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