Watch The American Door Slammer Nationals LIVE Right Here!

Watch The American Door Slammer Nationals LIVE Right Here!

I’ve driven dragsters, but my first love are door cars. They are fun, can be as quick as you want to go, and they just feel right. I do like the occasional roadster as well, but prefer those with the driver on one side or the other instead of sitting in the middle like a funny car or altered. Good thing for me that the American Door Slammer Nationals are LIVE this weekend thanks to our friends at MotorManiaTV. Any door car. Any left hand drive roadster. Any reason to have fun. This is a must watch event that you won’t want to miss this weekend.

Held at the famed Piedmont Dragway, this Loose Rocker Promotions event is one of the highlights of 2020. During a year where we have all been cooped up and have had so many cancelled events, this is one of those that feels really good to see happening before we get into the final weekends of racing for 2020. This is going to be a year to remember for sure, and whoever wins this event is going to remember it because of the real money they got to put into their pocket.

Watch all the racing LIVE today and tomorrow right here. And thanks again to MotorManiaTV for sharing this great action with the world for FREE!


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One thought on “Watch The American Door Slammer Nationals LIVE Right Here!

  1. [email protected]

    This is probably the saddest time to start charging for viewing the drag races

    Maybe reconsider and get more sponsors so families can view their sons , daughters or family members race for FREE!!


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