America’s Most Beautiful Roadster Contender: 1927 Ford Custom Concept

America’s Most Beautiful Roadster Contender: 1927 Ford Custom Concept

Daniel Hostetter’s 1927 Ford Custom Concept car is my favorite AMBR contender. There, I said it. It looks like no other car in the class, and with good reason. It is based on an old magazine project concept drawing and Daniel himself did everything to build this car. Everything. And I love him for it. The paint is not as nice as the other cars in the class, and it is a style that is most certainly polarizing, but the overall looks is super bad ass in my opinion. And the technological little touches are awesome too. The small white plastic parts you see in the photo below just to the inside of the front fenders toward the rear are designed to be touched by the fenders themselves and then push the body panel in so there is clearance to turn. Seriously? Yeah, there is that kind of detail going on here. I love it. For me this is one of the two I would seriously LOVE to have in my driveway.

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12 thoughts on “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster Contender: 1927 Ford Custom Concept

  1. vega 172K

    I get tired of looking at $ 200,000 cars. I’d rather look at something the average Joe Blow can actually hope to build or own one day. This is a showing of a bunch of cars built by professionals and bought by wealthy guys who never touched the damn things. How proud they must be. I build everything I own with as little outside help as possible. Can,t compete with these guys but I have plenty of awards on my shelf. Now that,s satisfying.

    1. Rob Hostetter

      This Roadster was built by 1 man in a very simple garage. This car is by no means a $200,000 car. Check out @hostetters_roadster on instagram to see how he built it.

  2. Burly Burlile

    Brian, your personal winners choice is perfect, for all the right reasons. And Dan has a Bonneville back story I would encourage you to seek out. He has a web-site (nothing for sale), describing the tale of his personal 32 3 window, owned since the fifties and the Bonneville evolution coupe racer it inspired. His story is here: .

  3. Dan McGuire

    This build was 62 years in the making and I for one love it! All the details sneak up on you, and it is functional as much as the X-R6 was, also as polarizing. It was drawn with wide tires, so they were selected. I was hoping to see this win, but life is better knowing it actually exists!!

  4. David Dahl

    As for the tire size and grill design is concerned, these were dictated by the original drawing by Joe Henning in 1965. This design was loved and many attempted to build it but no one succeeded until Dan did it with simple tools in his home garage. There were many problems to deal with and they were artfully overcome all the while staying true to that simple drawing. Well done. This, not having a shop bolt together store bought parts and having a paint crew apply the perfect finish, is what building a roadster is all about. The winner was no doubt a beautiful car with special note given to how nice the exhaust was bent, but Dan designed and hand made every part on this car. Mind-blowing! With all due respect, the judges missed an opportunity this year.

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