1969 Pontiac Catalina 428 4-Speed Station Wagon!!! For Only $6900 And It Is Nice

1969 Pontiac Catalina 428 4-Speed Station Wagon!!! For Only $6900 And It Is Nice

There is some about big inch stick shift wagons that just get my crank turning. And this big Pontiac is no exception. It’s a 428 powered 1969 Pontiac Catalina and it has a Muncie 4 speed backing it up! To be fair, it came stock with an automatic, but that doesn’t matter at all to me. In fact, I think its better that it was originally an automatic car because when it was swapped they put a scattershield and real clutch in it. Woot woot!

There is a lot of information on this sucker below, so check it out.

1969 Pontiac Catalina 428:4 Speed Station Wagon 2

Here is all the info from the seller. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE AD AND RESPOND

1969 Pontiac Catalina Station Wagon

428 cubic inch engine, Muncie 4 Speed, Hurst shifter, power brakes disc front/drum rear, power steering, tilt wheel, posi-traction rear end, big sway bars front and rear. Interior is complete; original and in good condition including head liner, front seat rebuilt/reupholstered with correct materials. Six passenger, rear seat folds down for hauling, massive underfloor storage compartment in rear. Dual swing tailgate, electric tailgate window, factory roof rack and rear window air deflector. Edelbrock carburetor, HEI distributor, 4 row radiator, Pontiac D-Port long branch factory cast iron headers, dual exhaust with H pipe and Flowmaster mufflers. Centerline wheels and B.F. Goodrich radial tires. Hide away windshield wipers, “Astro” ventilation (first year of no wind wings). “Noah” model California Car Cover included.

Wagon has been repainted once, paint job is old, right front fender and front lower valance are new and in primer. Roof rack and air deflector are complete and in good condition. All windows in good shape, windshield is new, doors and door windows could use new rubber and felts. There have been no leaks/rust around the windows or inside the passenger compartment; floor pans and rear storage well are all excellent. There is no evidence of rust in the doors; the outsides and bottoms of the doors are rust free and there is no evidence of water on the door panels which are in good shape. There was minor rust on the edge of the rear wheel wells next to the trim, it was repaired at a body shop with bondo, primed and spot painted. Carpet and sound deadner are original and in good shape, carpet is faded in spots but has no holes, a carpet die kit comes with the wagon. All plastic and metal trim inside of wagon is present and in good shape. Headliner is original and in good condition, one dime size tear in rear corner by tailgate. New steering box, front shocks, master cylinder, front and rear brake service, rear wheel bearings and seals, cooling system service and radiator. All lights, stop and turn lights work. Windshield wipers work. Horn works most of the time. Heater core is connected and fan works but no hot air. This is an original AC car, firewall AC equipment and in dash equipment all present; needs compressor, condenser and dryer under hood. Radio is original push-button AM/FM, present but does not work. Dash pad is perfect and dash is unmolested/no holes. Speedometer works, fuel gauge works, fuel tank in good condition. Engine runs smooth and strong and requires premium fuel with additive or backing off of timing to avoid pinging. Oil pressure is 25 psi at hot idle and 35 psi plus off idle, engine pulls hard and really comes alive on the secondaries and does not smoke. Engine rebuild history is unknown, looks to be regasketed, no leaks, occasional nickle size drop. Transmission was professionally converted from automatic to 4 speed and looks like it came in the wagon. The conversion was done correctly with Pontiac parts except for an SFI certified billet flywheel and RAM clutch, both upgrades. Clutch works really well and takes a strong left leg. Transmission is an aluminum case close ratio Muncie, it looks and sounds excellent, it has fresh seals and does not leak. Transmission shifts up through the gears nicely; downshifting or on a grade the trans very occasionally pops out of gear, syncros may be worn. The wagon tracks true and straight on the freeway with no vibrations, stops true and straight. Wagon has been garaged or covered by myself and previous owners. The only immediate needs would be to replace the door window rubber wipers if it’s necessary for the car to be in the rain; the front window is new but I have not checked it for leaks since it was installed.

California license current, clean and in my name.

Clean, very solid car, great runner, sounds awesome, fun to drive with the close ratio stick and it gets thumbs up wherever it goes.

NADA Guide value $6,780 to $13,125; $6,900, cash, no trades.

Great price for a well maintained big cubic inch, four speed, posi-traction car from the muscle car era.

Questions or requests for viewing via e-mail are welcome, ad will be promptly removed once wagon is sold.

1969 Pontiac Catalina 428:4 Speed Station Wagon 3


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17 thoughts on “1969 Pontiac Catalina 428 4-Speed Station Wagon!!! For Only $6900 And It Is Nice

  1. Anthony

    My friends dad had one,it was a cool car and saved his life once. He was changing a tire on th New England thruway near Conner street and they were about to jack it up and he caught a car coming right at them the jumped out of the way.The small car bounced off the wagon after catching it just above the tail light and flew across the highway.

  2. loren

    I gotta say though, a close-ratio Muncie in that heavy car that probably has a 2.73 rear is a horrible choice…even a wide-ratio (which it probably actually has) has way-too-tall of a first gear…it would suck to drive in traffic and be nearly incapable of towing anything. That heavy-duty clutch is probably in there for a reason, maybe after frying a couple normal ones in just regular use. Better choices would be a Richmond 5-speed w/ low first and 1:1 5th, or even a very-wide-ratio light-truck trans such as an NV3500 if you took it easy on it in the first couple gears, those still have the same shaft spacing (theoretical strength) as an 833 and that engine would handle the spread. All said from experience.

    1. bgm

      Clearly you have never had tho combo before. The 428 makes plenty if pulling power. In fact when i had mine, 1968 version of this car, close ratio 4 speed, 428, and 2.73 gears, worth my Vega drag car on the trailer behind me I still could outrun the z/28’s of the early 90’s. I admit at about 110 the trailer was hating it!

  3. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    I’d swap in the tri-power set-up off a GTO and then add the relevant badging. I’ve always loved Catalinas especially the earlySuper Duty models that were showroom drag racers.

    The best thing – I don’t see no steeenkin’ LS….

  4. Anthony Warren

    I’d be a serious interested party in this wagon. 256-326-8224
    Please can not act me at your earliest convenience.

  5. Rick

    You guys keep putting these cool wagons up but non of them are original. If you want a cool wagon, I have two factory built 1965 Oldsmobile f-85 4-speed (Muncie) wagons. One my Dad bought new and has full documentation. I bought the other one from the original owner’s son several years ago.

  6. Threedoor

    I knew holding onto the Poncho AC brackets and pump would come in handy one day, just waiting for a car to put them on.

  7. Rhett

    Pontiac was the king of killer wagons – my girlfriends dad had a 67 Bonneville wagon he used as a Formula V tow car in the late 60’s that was equipped with a 4 speed, buckets, 8 lugs and a 421 – first time I’d ever seen factory buckets and console in a wagon.

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