I’m Not Saying It Would Be Cheap, But Can This Back Half Duster Drag Car Project Be Saved?

I’m Not Saying It Would Be Cheap, But Can This Back Half Duster Drag Car Project Be Saved?

This one is a little misleading. There is a lot that has been done to this car already, including a full cage, back half, tubs, aluminum tinwork, and so much more. Sure it needs a lot to finish, but I sort of hope that some 15 year old who has been saving their allowance, birthday money, and Christmas money, will buy it and spend the next few years building it into something bad ass. It is setup for a 440 already, has disc brakes up front, and is a rust free California car. We’re sure there are some tubes that we would want to massage and such, but this could be a pretty cool ride for the right person. Squint and you might see it as well.

Do you know someone that would want a ride like this? Can you imagine what you would have thought if you were a teenager looking at this for the first time? I know I would have been drooling and trying to figure out how to make it mine before my parents talked me out of it.


Here is all the info from the seller:

1975 Plymouth duster dragcar,all profesionally fully rollcaged,tubbed,backhalved,aluminim panels,fiberglass pin on decklid,sux pack hood scoop set up( not pictured),aluminum dash,discbrakes up front,fuel cell,summit electric fuel pump,motorplate set up for big block 440,lots of work and new parts alreadyvdone,needs paint job,bodywork done,straight rust free car,only serious buyers with cash $2500

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8 thoughts on “I’m Not Saying It Would Be Cheap, But Can This Back Half Duster Drag Car Project Be Saved?

  1. Gary

    That car would clean up and could be made running in no time! What do you mean, “can it be saved?” If it were some stinking, cookie cutter GM product you’d think the Holy Grail was found.
    The cage sucks. Professionally built? I don’t think so. The bar placement is crap, the welds look like mig.
    That said, yeah, someone could pick this up, and with a little elbow grease, have a very nice bracket car, as long as they didn’t want to go too terribly fast with it.

  2. Brendan M

    I once pulled a rotted motorcycle out of the woods, restored it, won five AMCA national meets with it, and it’s now in a museum in upstate NY.

    Anything can be saved!

  3. jerry z

    Save it! Make a nostalgic Pro Stocker out of this car. My vote would be an Akron Arlen Vanke replica.

    1. Patrick

      Been for sale for a long time. Nothing says date night like having to climb over a roll bar!

  4. Steve R

    Competitive turn key race cars can be found in the low-teens, why bother with this car, it makes no economic sense.

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