This One’s A Doozy! Jet Powered Pinto Wagon Anyone?

This One’s A Doozy! Jet Powered Pinto Wagon Anyone?

Does it make me a really sick bastard because there is a part of me that would love to own a jet powered Pinto wagon? I thought so too. But you do have to cut me some slack. I mean come on! Have you seen this thing? Who doesn’t want to own a jet powered car? Okay, so most people, but what could possibly go wrong. After all, isn’t it completely appropriate to bolt a jet engine into a car known for blowing up? Sound like a sane idea to us!

Here is all the info from the seller:

Vintage Pinto Station wagon, I think it’s a 73, has been converted to the “Jet Mobile”. Unfinished project car, my husband passed away. The body has has “jet exhaust” looking fins adapted to the sides of this car. Much of the body work in done and near ready for paint. The interior was ready to have a dash panel of aviation controls put in for looks. ($800 more buys you over $1000 of these vintage controls, not included with this offer and sold seperately). The back end opens to show off the viper jet motor, from what I can tell on the data tag it’s a P5-7, which he intended to do flame shows with. He bought this jet from the railroad, which used it to de ice the tracks. Had videos of the motor running. The man who worked with him on this project can possibly answer some of your questions abou this car. Will consider offers, and would consider selling the car separate from the motor. Call 517-726-0026.

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One thought on “This One’s A Doozy! Jet Powered Pinto Wagon Anyone?

  1. chevy hatin' mad geordie

    Well – it seems that you lot must have got ahold of some REALLY strong weed. A VW/Subaru frankencar and now this?

    I assume some hard core LS porn will follow – but thankfully that will be watched behind closed doors,,,,,,

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