This GMC Sierra Is Turbocharged And Drag Radial Equipped!

This GMC Sierra Is Turbocharged And Drag Radial Equipped!

We love turbo trucks, and would love to own this one. There is just something about a standard cab pickup sitting on the ground with the right wheel and tire under it that makes my heart go pitter patter. But it’s not your average sport truck look for this particular 2003 GMC Sierra. Nope, the owner Jerry has done some very thoughtful modifications to this one so that it really stands out from the crown. There are no performance claims, but we’re pretty sure it will hold it’s own on the street with most trucks. Add a roll bar or cage to this thing and we’re in for sure!

It has all the factory comforts that you get in a modern pickup, along with a pretty cool touch screen sound system, and then all kinds of power. Again, it makes no claims on power level, but given the fact that the 76 mm Turbo is from Precision and the engine is 370 cubic inches, we’re going to guess somewhere above 1000 at 16 lbs of boost. Turn it up from there and who knows. Want to find out? Call Jerry.


Here is all the info from Jerry. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ORIGINAL AD 

OR CALL JERRY AT 409-659-2423

2003 GMC Sierra SLT all power, cold ac, heat, new $2000 touch screen stereo system, eboost boost controller
4″ drop control arms,6″ flip kit, CalTracs, DJM drop shocks
15X10 Bogart D10 rear rims with 30″ Mickey Thompson drag radials.
15X3.5 Bogart D10 front wheels with Mickey Thompson 28″ s/r radials
Yukon posi rearend 3.42 gear
custom built alum. radiator with custom shroud and 2-12″ spal fans
Nickens Bros.Racing 370ci. 9:1CR, LY6 block,Wiseco 15cc pistons, 4.030″ Bore,Scat Rods, 317 heads,LS9 headgaskets, Brian Tooley stage 2 turbo camshaft,NNBS intake with X-Link, precision 76mm turbo, brand new 4l80 transmission, Circle D 3600 triple disc torque converter. Clear blue title. No Trades

2003-gmc-sierra-turbo-ls-drag-radial-truck-2 2003-gmc-sierra-turbo-ls-drag-radial-truck-10 2003-gmc-sierra-turbo-ls-drag-radial-truck-9 2003-gmc-sierra-turbo-ls-drag-radial-truck-8 2003-gmc-sierra-turbo-ls-drag-radial-truck-7 2003-gmc-sierra-turbo-ls-drag-radial-truck-6 2003-gmc-sierra-turbo-ls-drag-radial-truck-5 2003-gmc-sierra-turbo-ls-drag-radial-truck-4

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One thought on “This GMC Sierra Is Turbocharged And Drag Radial Equipped!

  1. F.R.O.

    I always liked the front end styling of these trucks. It looks soo much better than the new trucks front ends.
    It would look great with a hard torneau cover and small cowl hood.

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