We Want To Go Pro Stock, Radial vs The World, And Pro Mod Racing! This Camaro Could Do It!

We Want To Go Pro Stock, Radial vs The World, And Pro Mod Racing! This Camaro Could Do It!

Okay, so I’m pretty sure that Rick Jones, at RJ Racecars, would disagree with my evil plan, but here goes. I wonder why we couldn’t buy this 2014 RJ Pro Stock Camaro and race it in several series. We’d need an engine for Pro Stock, but I actually have a tuner who would be in I’m sure. I’d drive it, of course, and then we could throw a turbo combo in it and take it racing at the Midwest Pro Mod Series and even do some Radial vs The World stuff with it. It would be ultra multipurpose. With that said, I’m 100% confident that somebody out there, including some of my friends and RJ himself, would tell me that it will never work. But we’ve all heard that before!

The Elite Motorsports guys, who are selling this one, also have a stacker trailer for sale which would be cool, but I’m all over hauling this bitch on my open trailer behind my square body dually. It would get WAY more attention for our sponsors that way and make me laugh as we pulled in and parked in the Pro Pits at a race with our little setup. We’d throw a hell of a party in the space every night though. Just saying.

So what do you think? Hey Freeman, can we get this on a payment plan? Like buying a couch on weekly payments? Pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssse!

Here is all the info. Someone sponsor us. We’ll make you famous, I promise.

RJ Race Cars NHRA Pro Stock Camaro, Complete Roller, All Carbon Body & Interior, Carbon Brakes, Race Pack V-300, 4130 Fabricated Rear End Housing, Wheelie Bars, Wheels & Tires, Race Pack Digital Dash, Browell Clutch Can, Radiator, Fuel Cell, Co 2 Bottle, Shocks, Struts, Wiring, Belts, Fire System, Chutes, Car is Minus Engine, Trans, Center Section, & Clutch, Graphics are Vinyl Car is Matte Black. Car is available today. For additional information and pricing please call Richard Freeman 405-640-2366 or Michael Brotherton 214-202-0884 or Royce lee Freeman 405-831-9594. Elite Motorsports, LLC

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5 thoughts on “We Want To Go Pro Stock, Radial vs The World, And Pro Mod Racing! This Camaro Could Do It!

  1. Dan

    Sorry but Pro Stock and Pro Mod cars are completely different animals. The chassis are way different. In addition to there being much more, and heavier tubing throughout, the housings, 4-link bars, engine location, and wheelbase is all different in a Pro Mod car. Sometimes we have Pro Mod customers who want to go from a nitrous setup to turbos, and we usually recommend building a whole new car – that’s how different even Pro Mod cars are to one another.

  2. ronnie socks

    Pat Musi is sellign his brand new unrun Dodge Dart so
    he can concentrate on his engine business .

    \”Pat Musi was on his way to Jerry Bickel\’s chassis shop to pick up a new Dodge Dart destined for the PDRA Pro Nitrous ranks when he confirmed the suspension of operations for his race team. Unfortunately we hear the team\’s new Mopar will soon go up for sale,

  3. Greg

    You need help cooking for the team? I’ll pack up my grills and be there next week.

  4. jerry z

    Sorry that still is a poor attempt at being a Pro Stock. Pro Mod, yes, Pro Stock, no.

  5. chris hardesty

    I will drive the hauler and check tire psi no matter what class it runs in!

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