Cleetus McFarland Updates Us On The Jet El Camino Build That They Have Going On!

Cleetus McFarland Updates Us On The Jet El Camino Build That They Have Going On!

Bolt a jet engine into the back of a G-Body El Camino and you’ve got one hell of a ride. And who in their right mind thinks of something like this? Well probably dozens of us, but in this particular case it’s our pal Cleetus McFarland who is working hard to have a fun, exciting, and definitely different hot rod. We’re not sure whether we want to drive this thing or not, but man we’re having fun looking at all the fab work and parts that are going into it. Cleetus is clearly having fun with this one, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a serious side too. We’re talking extended wheelbase, lots of custom chassis work, huge air intak, and so much more. Watch the video below to see the latest update.


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5 thoughts on “Cleetus McFarland Updates Us On The Jet El Camino Build That They Have Going On!

  1. Danno

    Cool but I sure hope Garret/Cleetus doesn’t kill himself with this thing. He may be taking the whole redneck, hillbilly schtick a little too far. I am a little worried for him, especially after reading about the death of the (too) young lady who was just killed driving a jet dragster for Larsen Motorsports. Guess I am just showing my age.

  2. cap\'t fast

    southwest Oklahoma has it\’s share of hoons. back in 1979, a young man built up a bass boat powered by a GE J-85 turbojet with afterburner. he had purchased three salvage engines from a scrapper in AZ and made one out of three. definitely not airworthy. of course the max speed on the lake was far less than the boat would go and the judge had him remove said engine from the boat as part of the community service he imposed.
    all of which led to him cutting a large hole in the tailgate of his 65 Biscayne wagon and punching out the side windows and gutting the interior of burnables.lost his OK drivers license forever, did180 days in the county lockup, made restitution to the sheriffs office for rebuilding the front of the deputies car which blew off when he stroked the afterburner trying to escape the nefarious clutches of the county law enforcement arm(it was thought that the deputy was riding his bumper to do a pit maneuver on him and the car looked like a peeled banana) and I believe the final insult was the dry cleaning bill for the deputy\’s uniform.the car and engine was crushed as a public menace.
    the lesson learned was to slightly angle the exhaust up a few degrees to help with stability and nothing is faster than radio waves.

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