OPGI Is Offer 45% Off Selected Items During Their Summer Clearance Sale

OPGI Is Offer 45% Off Selected Items During Their Summer Clearance Sale

When it comes to places that literally have it all, OPGI is at the top of the heap. In great news for gearheads the world over, OPGI is having a summer clearance sale and offering 45% off on a load of items and strong savings on thousands more. These guys are the leading source for restoration parts that’ll help get your classic GM vehicle back on the road. From Monte Carlos to Impalas, Grand Nationals, and more, they have what you need.

To us, the best part of how they have this sale laid out is that when you hit the link below you will go to an area where you select your make and model year of car. That narrows it down to only the stuff that will work for you and it makes it a great was to go shopping for pieces to complete or upgrade your car.

Between this sale the summer car show series and everything else that OPGI has going on, they are keeping themselves busy at their California headquarters.

Today is the right time to take advantage of this sale. If you wait, the stuff you need will be gone and you’ll have no one to blame but yourself! Heck, at least hit the link and go check out what’s available for your car. What harm can that do, right?

Hit the link below to see what you can save on during the OPGI clearance sale 

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