American Powertrain Stimulus Sale! Save $250, Free Shipping, Free T-Shirt, Interest Free Financing, Layaway, And Price Matching!

American Powertrain Stimulus Sale! Save $250, Free Shipping, Free T-Shirt, Interest Free Financing, Layaway, And Price Matching!

The gang at American Powertrain are a dedicated group that loves hot rods, motorsports, and racing as much as the rest of us. They are a small business that is made of great people, making great products, right here in the USA, and they are feeling this economic and health crisis just like the rest of us. In an effort to help all of you, and therefore keep themselves working, they are offering an awesome sale through the end of April. We’re talking $250 savings on kits, Free or discounted shipping, Free shirts, Interest Free Financing, Layaway, and more. This is the kind of sale we can really get behind, and so can you.

On a personal note, I count many of the people at American Powertrain as friends. Close friends in fact. Not only are these folks going through everything we are, while still working to keep products rolling out the doors and paychecks rolling in, but they are also doing all this after having a huge tornado come slamming into their town. Yep, American Powertrain is located in Cookeville Tennessee, and more than one of their employees and families lost their homes during the tornado. These are real people, that we know, and they have been working to keep their families whole while still providing the absolute best overdrive manual transmission swap kits in the world. Period.

If you have been wanting a 5 or 6-speed manual transmission for your project, now is the time. Take advantage of all these great incentives in their Stimulus Sale and you won’t be sorry.

Here’s what the American Powertrain family announced for their Stimulus Sale.

We want to help everyone get through these troubling times. Our shop is run by a small and dedicated staff for our customers. We are running wide open right now! In order to keep everything going for our employees and our customers we are offering $250 off all our kits. On top of that we are offering free shipping on all TKO 5-speed Pro-fit kits. $100 off freight charges for 6-speed Pro-fit kits and a free T-shirt. Any competitive offer you have we will try to match as well. Offer good until April 30th. Don’t forget we have 0% Financing for 6 months as well. Ask your salesperson for more. Plus, we have a layaway program!

Click here to learn more about our Pro-Fit kits.

If you want to get a fast quote for your project click here

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