Fabrication Spotlight: Dennis Taylor Knows How To Get Down With Some Dual Fuel Tanks

Fabrication Spotlight: Dennis Taylor Knows How To Get Down With Some Dual Fuel Tanks

I’ve said it plenty of times, Hot Rods by Dennis Taylor is one of the coolest hot rod shops in the country. Besides the fact that it is a full family affair, Dennis himself is arguably one of the most talented builders around. I’m lucky enough to have been around countless high quality car builders, some of whom have won award after award, but it is incredibly rare to find any that finish every single stage of a build in house like Dennis does. I say this, because Dennis is the guy doing the fabrication, bodywork, engine work, paint work, wiring, upholstery, assembly, and setup. I mean everything. Not his crew, but him. Yes, he’s trained his wife Deb to be an awesome fiberglass woman, and daughter Alex is also in the shop working quite often, but Dennis is a guy that can, and does, build cars from start to finish himself. And it is awesome to watch.

So today I’m going to spotlight something Dennis just finished up for fellow Rocky Mountain Race Weeker Clint Sodowsky. It’s a new fuel cell for his bad ass 1968 Camaro, but not just any fuel cell. This one has a 15 gallon side and a 5 gallon side. One for pump gas and one for race fuel.

Here is the info from Clint and from Dennis.

If you want to reach out to Dennis about a project, CLICK HERE TO VISIT HIS FACEBOOK PAGE TO CALL OR SEND A MESSAGE

Clint’s Post from Facebook: “Dennis Taylor is so talented ! He built me a dual pump fuel cell for Rocky Mountain Race Week. On the 15 gallon side with Holley dual brushless pumps for street driving and if needed still enough pump to handle big power. Race side is 5 gallons with an Aeromotive 10.0 gpm, which can also be used to street drive if any thing happens.”

Dennis’ Post from Facebook: “When you drive and drag it can be complicated. 🤣 Wrapping up a new dual street/strip tank for our good buddy Clint Sodowsky and his badass fast 68 Camaro.”

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