TX2K21 Day Two: A 7-second Viper, 4-Rotor Mazda, And All Kinds Of Crazy!

TX2K21 Day Two: A 7-second Viper, 4-Rotor Mazda, And All Kinds Of Crazy!

It’s Day 2 coverage from TX2K21, thanks to our dudes at 1320Video. Kyle and Fred and the crew were running around taking it all in, racing Kyles car, and just having an awesome time. We love them for it because there is some fun stuff to watch for sure. After getting shut down last year because of Covid, it is great to see this even back up and running.

TX2K is a huge event nowadays, but I remember the early days when almost all of the coverage you’d see from the event was coming from 1320Video and most people hadn’t even heard of it. It’s one of Kyle’s favorite events of the year, and with good reason as they helped so much to make it the monster event that it is today. But I know that Kyle’s favorite thing about going to TX2K in 2021 was getting to roll race his newly finished twin turbo R8, because not only did the car look great and put a big smile on his face, but it also kicked ass at the event. It was cool to see just how well he did with it, and we’re super thankful for all the cool coverage he and the boys put together for this year.

Watch the video below and we’ll bring you the rest of them over the next couple of days.

In this first video you are going to see 200mph runs, Kyle Roll Racing his R8, and so much more. Enjoy.

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