Aeromotive’s Jet Siphon Kit Install With A Dual Phantom 340 In-Tank Module

Aeromotive’s Jet Siphon Kit Install With A Dual Phantom 340 In-Tank Module

Jefferson is back at it in the shop and he’s working on an A-body GM fuel tank. But not just any tank. Nope, this is the tank for his LT swapped Buick GS and that means this car is going to run and drive before too long. Speaking of too long, it has been WAY too long since he actually got to enjoy this car and that means burnouts will probably happen very soon upon completion. But back to the fuel tank. Check it out as he gets the new dual Phantom Aeromotive unit all setup with their trick Jet Siphon kit.

Video Description:

Aeromotive’s Jet Siphon Kit is designed to pull cool fuel from the other side fo your fuel tank to the baffle or sump around your in-tank fuel pump.

This is also beneficial for using the Aeromotive Phantom In-Tank pump in PWM configuration to correctly bleed off residual fuel pressure when demand for fuel drops.

You can also use this for dual tanks, which is pretty slick. The siphon kit fits Aeromotive Phantom modules, single and dual pump, but the dual pump packaging is really tight.

Jefferson shows you how to install the kit into a GM A-body fuel tank complete with some tips and tricks on how to get the siphon end to the other side of the tank.

Jefferson also shows you a new filter-regulator from Aeromotive as well, no more cobbled-together filters and regulators, and this allows you to install the filter/regulator at the rear of the car, like Corvette Filter/regulator, but without all the leaks and poor performance of the one-piece Corvette regulator.

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