The Cage Gage Could Be One Of The Coolest Tubing Fabrication Tools We’ve Seen

The Cage Gage Could Be One Of The Coolest Tubing Fabrication Tools We’ve Seen

We’ve been showing you welding, notching, and bending videos recently to inspire you to build your own roll bar or roll cage for your project. We’ll be bringing you more tech on doing this type of project in the coming weeks, but we also wanted to show you some tools that could come in handy. When thinking about welding together tubing into a roll bar or cage, the tools everyone things about are tubing benders, notchers, and welders, but the truth is there are tons of little tools and little tricks that can make your project mushc more enjoyable and successful.

This is the Cage Gage, and it could be the one thing that saves you all the aggravation of figuring out angles for bending tubing. As they state in the video, tubing can get expensive if you are throwing a lot of it away. So for the price of a couple of screw-ups you can get the Cage Gage and have a much more precise cage and much less waste. It even tells you how much tubing each bend will take so you don’t have to keep making tubes that are 6 inches too long in an effort not to come up short, because each 6 inch scrap piece is a couple bucks. What may be the best part of the system is the fact that it allows you to mark the start and end of each bend, on straight tubing, so that when you are doing multiple bends you have them in exactly the right place. This is a really well thought out product.

It uses a really creative and cool protractor, that holds onto PVC tubing for your calculations, and allows you to mock up each and every tube in your roll cage using the tool, a tape measure, and some pvc pipe. And if you really aren’t sure on a particular portion of the layout, using two Cage Gages will allow you to build portions of the cage in PVC to make sure things are exactly where you want them. We dig it!

Watch the video, and with any luck we’ll have a couple of our own soon that we can show you working first hand on our Blazer project. We have a couple of bars left to design for the cage, and know that being able to mock them up with the Cage Gage will make the job much more precise and simple. We can’t wait.

Check out the video below, and for more information on the Cage Gage visit them at


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  1. Truckin Ted

    Slick tool. However, it would be nice to have some sort of reference tool to clamp on the top bar so that you line up the second bar directly under it. Trying to eye ball it is not the best method.

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