MASSIVE Twin Turbos And INSANE Launches From This 68′ Camaro!

MASSIVE Twin Turbos And INSANE Launches From This 68′ Camaro!

When Fred from 1320Video went out searching for the owner and driver of this bad ass 1968 Camaro during the recent 1320Video Icre Cream Cruise, the surprise was on him as it was none other than Chad Fegley behind the wheel of his newly finished Camaro! This car has been a work in progress, and with Chad building the World’s Quickest and Fastest Stick Shift Drag and Drive Car, his killer Corvette, the Camaro has sat on the back burner. But now it’s time for it to shine and this big tire beast is something special. You are going to want to check out the fun in this mid 4-second big-block, twin-turbo machine. We dig it.

Video Description:

We stumbled upon this beautiful, FAST first gen Camaro at Ice Cream Cruise and it turned out to be our friend Chad Fegley! The massive turbos out front are what initially caught our eye. Then when the car cracked off an impressively fast pass, Fred went to the pits to find the owner to learn more. We’ve seen this car in the past, but it’s a COMPLETELY different car now. Chad came out for testing and ended up doing A LOT more than just that!

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