Ouch! Import Vs Domestics Had Records Fall And Parts Demolished!

Ouch! Import Vs Domestics Had Records Fall And Parts Demolished!

We never like to see people crash stuff, but we certainly do love it when they have the right safety gear and live to tell about it. At the Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals there was an insane amount of action where records fell and cars put it all on the line in pursuit of victory. Unfortunately for some the end result wasn’t exactly what they had planned as there were several nasty crashes. Thanks to Fred and the guys at 1320Video we’ve got all the hot action from the strip.


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4 thoughts on “Ouch! Import Vs Domestics Had Records Fall And Parts Demolished!

  1. Scott Inman

    I watched this video. As a kid who started going to the track at 8 weeks old. And now at 41 with my own kids going I have one really big problem in this video. As that yellow firebird is getting ready to hit the wall a second time there is a dad grabbing a kid and pulling him back from the wall to save him from getting hit. That’s good except why the hell is that kid there next to a wall in the shutdown with 200 mph cars or any race car. The safety at some of these events are minimal. We all think I want closer to the action. When spectators get killed watch the government step in because we dont control ourselves better. I love drag racing. I love standing on starting lines. But there doesn’t need to have spectators standing there either. Let’s enjoy racing and the car culture but please use a modicum of common sense and quit playing roulette with peoples live and our sports future

  2. Jeff

    I was at this race and was in the shutdown about 10ft from where that yellow bird hit the wall the second time. My first time at an import type event. In 40yrs of going to the drags, this race was by far the biggest wreck fest I’ve ever seen. Some impressive cars for sure. But you better enjoy track cleanup if you go to one. These guys don’t understand the concept of aborting a run.

  3. The Green Machine

    A lot of folks driving WAAAAAAAY beyond their skillset and the vehicles capabilities…KNOW WHEN TO LIFT AND SAVE YOUR SH*T.

    This is why I never attend these things, they\’re just wreckfests…

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