Top Fuel Licensing 101: Cameron Ferre Takes Us On The Adventure!

Top Fuel Licensing 101: Cameron Ferre Takes Us On The Adventure!

Cameron Ferre is an accomplished race car driver. He’s driven Jr. Dragsters, Super Comp Dragsters, Top Dragsters, Nostalgia Funny Cars, A-Fuel Dragsters, and now his dream is Top Fuel. Notice the dragster theme here? Cameron has the bug, and he’s got it bad. What’s surprising to a lot of people is Cameron’s drive, his passion, his tenacity, towards everything to do with his racing career. After all, he’s just a young punk kid, right? Well, not as much as you think. First off, he just looks 12 years old. In fact, he’s 30. I know right, makes you want to kick him in the sack doesn’t it. Youth, looks, and passion will only get you so far though, and Cameron has known that since seeing his first Jr. Dragster. Dad didn’t pay for it. Cameron did. And not with Dad’s money!

No, Cameron is one of those people that we love because he had a singular focus and nothing was going to slow him down from realizing that dream. He worked, in fact started acting to make money as a kid, so that he could afford racing. Talk about smart! At 10 years old you can’t walk into a business and get a job. And mowing lawns wasn’t making him enough money. But kids can be actors! And get paid for real money! Yeah, he’s a smart kid.

He’s also super talented behind the wheel. With 5 Wallys, he is definitely a good shoe and not just a pretty face. This winter Cameron went for his ultimate dream. A Top Fuel license. This video explains the adventure, and all the people that worked to help him. It’s awesome.

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4 thoughts on “Top Fuel Licensing 101: Cameron Ferre Takes Us On The Adventure!

  1. Ron Thomas aka CHASSISMAN

    My son AJ Thomas now has Cameron’s first Super Comp dragster. We are not gonna paint it as it is too nice looking to do that. AJ is just as driven as Cameron and has 9 Wally’s and one National Champion jacket at age 17. Now he’s taking the next step towards chasing goals like Cameron. We hope there’s magic in that old car….LOL

    1. Brendan M

      Very cool to hear. I love stories not just of a dream realized, but passing opportunities onto others.

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