Classic YouTube: A Pontiac-Powerd AMC Pacer That Moves Out!

Classic YouTube: A Pontiac-Powerd AMC Pacer That Moves Out!

Harrel Lamkin might be the only person we can think of who would be proud to be the owner of an AMC Pacer. You know one of the weird little fishbowl AMCs that he’s connected to: his daughter Anna Beth’s 1976 Pacer X, the Plum Crazy Purple one that became famous on Power Tour about ten years ago. But that was the second car. This orange and black car is the one that Lamkin raced for a while in the 1990s before he sold it off. Powered by a Pontiac 455 and capable of tens in the quarter at it’s height, the car was sent on when someone offered up the magic number on a check.

This footage is from 2013, filmed at Great Lakes Dragaway in Wisconsin and we hope it’s still the same guy who bought it from Lamkin. Pacers are one of those cars that has a reputation to work past. From the humble concept of a rotary-powered economy car to the heavy, six-cylinder kind-of compact the market eventually got, most people view the AMC with the glass ass as a punchline, best remembered for a memorable scene in the movie “Wayne’s World” and that’s just about it. Watching this black and orange Pacer get after it at the track should convince you to think twice.

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2 thoughts on “Classic YouTube: A Pontiac-Powerd AMC Pacer That Moves Out!

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Bryan, to paraphrase one of the worst UK singles of all time – Es are good by the Shamen.

    You missed one out at the end of powered.

    Cool car by the way….

  2. Bradley raasch

    You are completely wrong about this car. I am the owner and builder of this car and that was us racing a great lakes dragway. The car has a small block chevy 383 stroker. My husband and I are tge original owners if this vehicle.

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