Dragfest Photos: Here’s Our Final Gallery From This Show Full Of Amazing Drag Cars And More!

Dragfest Photos: Here’s Our Final Gallery From This Show Full Of Amazing Drag Cars And More!

Here’s our final gallery from this awesome show! If you missed our previous photos, click the link below to check them out too!

(Words and Photos by Joe Grippo) The holidays are over, it is the middle of winter and the dragstrips here in the northeast will be closed for a few more months, it’s a pretty bleak time for many of us Bangshifters. One glimmer of happiness in this season of despair is the DragFest Indoor Drag Racing Showcase. DragFest is an indoor car show with a decidedly drag racing flavor. Most indoor shows are for the show car crowd, with their chromed, painted and polished up trailer queens vying for a plastic and marble trinket. That’s cool and all, but this show features Drag Cars. The cars you usually see on the strip doing burnouts, hanging the hoops high, and screaming down track looking for that win light. In this environment the cars are quiet and static, but this affords the unique opportunity to dig into the details of these machines and talk to the owners, builders, and drivers away from the intensity of the between round thrashes. Cool deal.

The DragFest is held each year at the Lebanon, Pennsylvania Convention Center and is part of the Motorama series of events. While there is a definite nostalgic lean to the show, a bunch of modern bracket cars and index racers were in attendance. Funny Cars, Dragsters, Door Cars, Altereds…all the good stuff! Being a Motorama show. A large amount of show cars and trucks were on display as well. Pro Streeters, Street Rods, Street Machines, and wild trucks, certainly something for everyone. Hell, there was even some bitchin’ stuff in the parking lot! Add in some cool venders like VP Race Fuels, and a few dudes offering up diecast cars and all sorts of memorabilia plus local tracks like Maple Grove Raceway and South Mountain Raceway handing out their 2023 race schedules, and it was a great way to remind yourself that springtime is coming.
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Dig into the gallery to see what we saw…

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2 thoughts on “Dragfest Photos: Here’s Our Final Gallery From This Show Full Of Amazing Drag Cars And More!

  1. Gerald A.Hayes

    Backing the 50s used to go to the Drag Strip in Madras, Oregon. Then when I moved to Lewiston, Idaho I went to Spokane Drag Stip. Fun times.

  2. Drive Mad

    This red automobile is fantastic. The vehicles that are commonly seen performing burnouts, raising their hoops, and racing down the track in pursuit of a green light to victory. All of the vehicles here are silent and still.

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