A Stroker Hemi Hits The Pump With Headers Then Manifolds

A Stroker Hemi Hits The Pump With Headers Then Manifolds

This is a pretty fun video if for no other reason than we get to see a 472ci Chrysler Hemi get ripped multiple times on the dyno. The premise here is cool because we have the engine being pulled first with 2 1/8″ headers and then with the factory style cast iron manifolds that Chrysler shipped them with 50 years go. The result of the headers being better than the manifolds should surprise no one but the part that’s cool is seeing HOW MUCH of a difference the differing styles of exhaust make and how the change the power curve of the engine.

The test we done in a nice controlled manner with the engine being pulled twice with each style of exhaust on it at the same temp and with the same air fuel ratio as well. It is pretty damned close to exact, at least it is for us.

There’s not a lot of theory or in-depth stuff gone over but there’s the engine, the dyno and the results. The rather dramatic voice over is a little much at times (it sounds like the show Bar Rescue every now and again) but that’s just picking nits. Overall this is a BangShifty and neat video. Watch and see the power difference!

Watch this stroker Hemi hit the dyno with headers and manifolds  –

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