Funny Car Chaos TODAY! Chaos Live Stream To Start In San Antonio At 4:30 Central!! SIGN UP TO WATCH HERE

Funny Car Chaos TODAY! Chaos Live Stream To Start In San Antonio At 4:30 Central!! SIGN UP TO WATCH HERE

We’ve been asked to provide LIVE Streaming Video for the Funny Car Chaos series, one where Funny Cars of all kinds can be seen hauling ass and smoking tires at a track near you. We’ll be LIVE from Alamo City Motorplex in San Antonio today, and can’t wait to see all the action! Terry Haddock was throwing down, along with more than 16 other Funny Cars yesterday, and the header flames were epic! Here is the complete press release from the Funny Car Chaos crew and a link to buy your ticket!


Here is the info from Chris Graves and the Funny Car Chaos crew:

Nothing stops the CHAOS! Under a new exciting partnership with the wildly popular Funny Car Chaos series, leading streaming service provider and a group of dedicated track owners, the fans of drag racing have a lot to look forward to in their search for a fresh drag racing fix. With a never before seen business model, the Funny Car Chaos series will host its next two scheduled events on the Red Line Shirt Club Championship tour, presented by Entech Oil and Mears Mazda Volvo, with a payout structure based on support from drag racing fans across the world via the pay-per-view live streaming platform that will be exclusively streamed on 

Eddyville Raceway Park in Iowa on May 28-29th will be LIVE right here on BangShift! A new crop of teams are prepared to make their first ever Chaos appearance in Iowa along with the traveling points chasers hoping to contend for the 2020 Championship title. Over twenty cars are currently pre-entered. A major portion of the funds generated by this pay-per-view experience will compose the event purse the racers will be racing for. That’s right race fans, you are in control and this is your chance to support the racers and tracks during this period of economic recovery. 

“We are taking a very unique approach here and it’s only possible because we have such a supportive group of funny car teams who are itching to drive their hot rods and put on a show for the fans. The coolest part of all is that the fans are in the driver’s seat and it’s their support that builds the purse money for the events. The days of unrestricted ticket sales and packed grandstands will hopefully return, but until then, we must follow local safety guidelines and it was try this or we don’t race. We are all going into this with a big unknown, but I am confident that the global appeal of heads up funny car racing and the unique show this series provides will result in the support from the fans that can help us keep racing. The track owners are on board, the racers are on board, and with the support of Chad Reynolds at this has all come together and we are very excited to offer this to the world and get the fans as involved as possible to support these grassroots racers and race tracks,” said Chris Graves, series President. 

The pay-per-view package will be available for both days of Funny Car Chaos catching all the on track action as funny cars of all types compete head to head starting with the Friday night show with two rounds of qualifying under the lights. There are no restrictions on engine combination or body style in Funny Car Chaos, making it a one of a kind venue that has proven itself with over 50 funny cars participating in the 2019 season. 

“We’ll have nitro cars, alcohol cars, Chevys, Hemis, new body styles, old body styles, the Chaos has it all and that’s what is so fun and exciting about it. You never know what’s up next. These racers are building their cars the way they want to, not how a rule book says they have to. Our series caters to grassroots teams who can come out, entertain big crowds and put one a heck of a show at very unique race tracks. The number one rule at FCC is to have fun! We’re very grateful to have these track owners supporting this idea and it’s the only way we can still put on a show and have fun racing during this time. The other option is cancelation and no one wants to do that,” says Graves. 

So you heard it here race fans! This is your chance to be directly involved in the outcome of a drag race and great opportunity to support the participants and track owners during a time of great uncertainty, and for very little cost. A multi-camera system will be used to bring you up close and personal with the action both on the track and back in the pits in this all access Funny Car experience. Tickets will be available at and Thank you for your support and we look forward to building a new global fan base and entertaining the passionate supporters of this great sport of drag racing! Let’s race! 

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7 thoughts on “Funny Car Chaos TODAY! Chaos Live Stream To Start In San Antonio At 4:30 Central!! SIGN UP TO WATCH HERE

  1. 57 Phil

    Sounds Good. Now if we just had Smelivision! Can we please do something like this for Bonneville Speed Week?

  2. John Leavitt

    Is the schedule of events (Times) published anywhere for Fri-Sat CHAOS? I saw a start time for Friday 6 PM Central but nothing for Friday.

  3. Brad Wise

    If we pay to watch but something comes up and we can’t watch live will be able to watch the race later? Will it be available for an extra day or two?

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