Happy 3/08! Today We Celebrate The Little, Long Running Holden 308ci V8

Happy 3/08! Today We Celebrate The Little, Long Running Holden 308ci V8

Just when you thought there was nothing good about 3/08 your old pals at BangShift come through for you! March and April are the engine months, at least the good engine months and we do our best t0 provide you quality engine knowledge and fun during this time of the year. Today we’re venturing far off of the North American continent to Australia where they have a small block of 308ci displacement that stuck with ’em for a very, very long time. The Holden 308 was built from 1969-1985 and while it was never a massive powerhouse from the factory so many were made that building one to make real power is just a matter of ordering the correct parts.

The videos below show 308s being dyno tested, cars running with them, and one street car that sounds like it has an 803 in it rather than a 308! Like a typical small block Chevy here in the USA, the aftermarket allows for whatever level you want to build the thing to. Want to make some low end torque? Cool. Want to make full kill drag racing engine? No problem.

The 308 is more or less a slightly larger version of the 253ci small block that was manufactured in a parallel time frame to the 308. Building on a good thing have Holden a more peppy option for those customers who did not want to go all the way up the option chart to the Chevrolet 350 which was also available at this time.

The Holden 308 is a staple engine in Australian hot rodding and we’re happy to celebrate its life here!


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