Here’s 4-Minutes Of Non-Stop Craziness From Lights Out 8 – Lights Out 9 Is This Weekend!

Here’s 4-Minutes Of Non-Stop Craziness From Lights Out 8 – Lights Out 9 Is This Weekend!

The big one is just around the corner! Starting on Wednesday at South Georgia Motorsports Park, DuckX’s production of Lights Out 9 will commence. This is one of the craziest, weirdest, barn-burningest events the drag racing world has ever known. Somehow it gets more wild, fast, and crazy every year. This year there will be more cars in virtually every class than ever before. Know what that means? More insanity.

One of the most common questions I got on the way home from Lights Out 8 surrounded the number of crashes we had at the event. While I can kind of understand it because the very first pair of cars in competition yielded a massive, rolling flaming disaster, it was not a demolition derby by any stretch. There were a few cars that got into the wall, no drivers were hurt, and frankly for the number of runs and the style of racing we’re talking about here, it could have been lots worse if it were not for the talent of the drivers and their experience as well.

CompetitionPlusTV put together an awesome four minute video that basically captures every insane moment from wheelies to fire to saves that happened over the weekend during Light Out 8. Jake Simmons was there shooting and these guy can get down with a camera like no one’s business. He’s pro and new where to be looking when the stuff happened.This is not all about crashes. I have never been to a race where more rounds were decided by wheelies and raw driver ability than this one. It is a damned unique place in the sport and I cannot wait to be back at SGMP in a couple of days.

Until then, check out this coolness from Lights Out 8 and CompetitionPlusTv.

Press play below to see a lot of the craziness at Lights Out 8 condensed –

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