Best of 2018: A Day At The Digs Circa The 1970s At Orange County International Raceway

Best of 2018: A Day At The Digs Circa The 1970s At Orange County International Raceway

I love these types of videos. Why? Because they really take you to a normal day at the drag strip decades ago and you realize that a normal day at the strip back then was about the same as it is now, especially in what seems to be a test and tune format. The video you are about to watch was made at the famed Orange County International Raceway in California. By the looks of some of the trucks and stuff in the film it was made in the later half of the 1970s. The cars are almost universally awesome. This is all sportsman drag racing with one funny car thrown in for good measure. The fact is that you are going to see vintage muscle cars and gassers in an informal and neat setting. The track had al kinds of stuff that was pretty edgy at the time, including scoreboards…that were at the starting line and required the numbers to be manually entered into them so that they would show.

If I was picking a favorite car here it would probably be the early Mustang GT350 with its Cragar wheels and quick shifting driver. Who knows what became of that car or what became of any of these cars, right? One of the neatest fun facts about this video is that somewhere in here, Chad Langdon the dad of current NHRA super star Shawn Langdon is shown. We have no idea which car is his but he’s here!

Press play below to check out this awesome old footage from OCIR –

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9 thoughts on “Best of 2018: A Day At The Digs Circa The 1970s At Orange County International Raceway

  1. BigDogSS

    I love OCIR!! Home of the greatest timing tower in drag racing EVER!!
    Grudge racing on Wednesday. Test and tune on Saturdays, along with bracket racing. This was a great track.

  2. Randy Gillis

    Brian ,
    That very Shelby has been mine for 44 years. Funny you mention Chad Langdon and Debbie Langdon ( Shawn\’s mom) both drove the Shelby at OCIR.on occasion.while it was blue , it was powered by a Boss 302 and ran mid to low 11\’s depending on which engine was in it. In 2000 I returned it to it\’s original white with blue side stripe configuration . It is a genuine Hertz rent a car , 1 of 18 made this way.
    Randy Gillis

  3. Tom P

    Randy still has his Shelby and says Chad Langdon and his wife have both driven it.

    Cool video, wonder what became of a lot of those cars, and all those thin people!

  4. MGBChuck

    What a great way to start New Years Day, saw many of these cars at Fremont in the 70s, thanks BangShift.

  5. Mark Watkins

    We really love Fontana, but there is something really natural feeling about OCIR. The place was home to me as a junior high kid, watching his dad and partner run their bracket 2 E/gasser in the late 60\’s /early 70\’s We fought like starving dogs for the $25 and a case of oil, the vast winnings offered up to the bracket rats at that time.

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