Bucks Up: Holley EFI Puts Up Big Money In Creation Of Factory Super Car Holley EFI 7-Second Club – Who Will Do It First?

Bucks Up: Holley EFI Puts Up Big Money In Creation Of Factory Super Car Holley EFI 7-Second Club – Who Will Do It First?

Well this should be good! Holley has stepped up and created the Holley EFI 7-second club for NMCA Factory Super Car racers. The club will consist of the first 5-drivers to break the 7-second mark in either a COPO, Cobra Jet, or Drag Pak car during qualifying or eliminations at an NMCA national event. The first of those events is in Bradenton, Florida and there are already two dozen of the cars on the entry list!

So here’s the deal. The first racer to break the barrier gets $5,000. If that racer is using Holley EFI they get an additional $5,000 making a total of $10,000. The remaining four drivers will get $1,000 for Holley products and all of the drivers will get sweet Holley EFI 7-second club jackets.

This is a pretty brilliant move by NMCA because there have been multiple Factory Super Car (Factory Stock Showdown) cars running in the 8.0s. Geoff Turk has been 8.02 in his Drag Pak Challenger so he’s the odds on favorite for the number but until the rubber meets the road we won’t know who found horsepower over the winter and who may shock the world by busting in on the deal.

Here’s the full story from Holley EFI regarding the creation of the 7-second club –

Holley is pleased to announce big news for NMCA Factory Super Car drivers, who now have more to race for than ever. The first racer to crack the magical seven-second barrier will receive $5,000 from Holley EFI, and the next four will be awarded $1,000 Holley product certificates. If the first racer that breaks into the elusive seven-second zone is also running Holley EFI, he’ll pocket another $5,000 bonus. Aside from the potential $10,000 payday for the barrier breaker and the $1,000 product certificates for the next four through the seven-second door, all five drivers will also receive Holley EFI 7 Second Club jackets to commemorate their achievement. “Holley EFI’s 7 Second Club has added incredible excitement to one of the premier NMCA categories for 2018,” said Steve Wolcott, President & CEO of NMCA. “Factory Super Car racers are stepping up their games to compete for big money and the ultimate Big-3 bragging rights that come with an NMCA world championship.”

NMCA’s popular Factory Super Car category showcases drag racing’s late-model hot rods – Chevy COPO Camaros, Ford Cobra Jet Mustangs, and Dodge Challenger Drag Paks – competing heads-up on nine-inch tires on the full quarter-mile at NMCA events all around the country. The first stop on the six-race NMCA tour is the 16th annual Muscle Car Madness event March 8-11 at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Bradenton, Fla., followed by events in Atlanta (April 5-8), Bowling Green (May 17-20), Chicago (July 26-29), Norwalk (August 23-26), and the season-ending showdown in Indianapolis (September 20-23).

“This is a great program that everyone at Holley is really excited about,” said Holley Director of EFI Business Development Robin Lawrence, who drew huge cheers at the 2017 NMCA Awards Ceremony in Indianapolis when he revealed the big news. “The first seven-second run can be in qualifying or eliminations. It just has to be at an NMCA event, and the car has to pass tech by NMCA officials.” Evoking the great factory battles of the 1960s, these Stock Eliminator-type vehicles from Detroit-based OE manufacturers have already dipped deep into the eight-second zone and are closing in on a history-making seven-second blast more and more all the time. “It’s like an old-time bounty,” said Lawrence, who has been on the cusp of a major event victory himself as a driver. “Probably 70 or 80 percent of the cars in the Factory Super Car series are already running Holley EFI, and nobody’s ever going to forget who was the first guy to run in the sevens.”

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