Holley Hot Rod Reunion 2019: The Parade Of Winners From The Show Fields!

Holley Hot Rod Reunion 2019: The Parade Of Winners From The Show Fields!

If you have to pick one day to attend the Holley Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green, Kentucky, you go on the last day every single time. Here’s why: the show fields are the show fields. The racing is eliminations until the finals are done. Whatever you do between the moment the gates open and the final rounds is up to you…walk around and see the cars, talk with the owners, check out the vendors, eat some of the delicious ice cream that Bruster’s is selling…whatever you want. The moment you start hearing the tower start calling the final rounds up to the staging lanes, get your butt to a seat next to the track and sprout roots, because from that moment forward, that’s when the entire sensation of the Hot Rod Reunion changes. Up until that point, it’s another large show at Beech Bend. You never want to miss the final rounds of any race, because two teams are ready to go all-in to win at that point in each class. But after the finals are run and done, that’s when the real show of the Reunion comes alive.

The opening act is the parade of show car winners. With Bob Frey on the microphone going through the roster, a full lineup of gorgeous machines pulls through, one at a time, into the right lane and after a brief rundown and interview, is sent down the track. Some cars are packed with people and make a cruise out of it, waiving and cheering. Other drivers see a golden opportunity and the second they are safely away from Mr. Frey, they let the engine thank the crowd as they row the gears. After walking the grounds, I can say that the show field was going to be very tight in most categories…the Reunion never fails to bring out some beautiful machines!

We have more show field coverage and more coming during the week, so stay tuned!

Click on a photo to check out all of the rides that won awards from the 2019 Holley Hot Rod Reunion’s show car fields, and if you missed our last gallery from the event, CLICK HERE to check it out!

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