K&N Spring Fling Million: Now THIS Is How We Celebrate Spring Around Here!

K&N Spring Fling Million: Now THIS Is How We Celebrate Spring Around Here!

Our first day at the Spring Fling Million event in Las Vegas was a wash, literally. Shortly after we got on the ground and started work, happy little clouds rolled over the Red Rock Canyon area and proceeded to rinse off Las Vegas Motor Speedway quite nicely. Happily, once the rain moved on, the sun came out long enough to get the track dried and we had decent racing for the rest of the night. That being said, both Chad and I were somewhere between lunch meat and human popsicles when we left…cold, damp conditions in the desert with wind does not play well for warm-blooded humans.

But today, it’s nothing but gorgeous. The skies are clear (minus the airshows we get thanks to Nellis Air Force Base), the temperature is freaking PERFECT, there is just enough breeze to keep us content, and the action has been killer. If you aren’t tuned into the live stream¬†right now…what are you waiting for?! Go! We’re live as I type and we will be live for the whole deal, all the way through Saturday! Here’s some of the action from the early part of the morning…we will have more photos coming, so be sure to stay tuned for more galleries as well!

Click on a photo below to see more photos, and if you missed our last Spring Fling Million gallery, CLICK HERE to check it out!

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