UPDATED: Larry Larson: Fastest Street Car In The World with a 6.16!

UPDATED: Larry Larson: Fastest Street Car In The World with a 6.16!

Larry Larson’s Chevy S-10 blasted a [email protected] run during the Drag Week Heads Up Competition on Saturday. After testing, tuning, breaking things, and a F-ton of sleepless nights and weekends, the deed was done. You can see the entire team’s excitement, especially Chad’s, who has been wrenching with Larson the entire time on this truck. He made one more attempt, but stepped out of it just past the 1/8th mile to “only” a 6.61.

Congratulations to Larry Larson and crew for the new Fastest Street Car!

(Video: Hot Rod)

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18 thoughts on “UPDATED: Larry Larson: Fastest Street Car In The World with a 6.16!

  1. RockJustRock

    Larson promised the Drag Week Apocalypse and DELIVERED! At the very minimum I expect to see a “Steel Fender Unlimited” class next year with interest in the Fiber cars dying off. Larson? It wouldn’t take much to retrofit this Armageddon Machine to fit such a class.

  2. Chaun Benfield

    YES! Congratulations Larry Larson, Chad, all the team, family and supprters. I have been following during the week and glad that even though it was a battle from day one and a long week, It has been an awesome Drag Week. I can only hope to attend the next one in person and have alot of respect for everyone involved. Thanks to everyone that made it possible and for the live feeds its been Awesome, You Rock!

  3. rcupp

    Looks like the price of clean S-10s in Kansas city area just went up, someones gonna be busy building trucks all winter!!
    Good job LL

  4. Appleseed

    A lot of people are say that is isn’t a street truck, that Larson shouldn’t be allowed to do this, or do that. I say Larry has Smokey Yunicked Drag Week fair and square.

    If they could swap out all that day in and day out, well, good for them. If the rules change, so be it. larson has the fastest, quickest, street car, nay, truck in the world.

  5. Vinnie

    CONGRATULATIONS to Larry, Chad and Sherry. You may not have won D W, but you destroyed the R V 3.. You guys deserve a long rest. Maybe a vacation. I hear London is nice. Excellent!!!!

  6. Mont

    Frost won’t drag his heap over here for Drag Week for good reason. He knows he stands no chance of competing with these guys. Putting around town and then running 6s is a whole lot different than what Drag Week requires of a car.

  7. Michael simon

    Unless it’s a daily driver that can be driven back and forth to work and on a winding road and not have to be completely wrenched over every time its really just another drag truck that anyone with enough money can build, but that was an impressive clean run. Congrats on the record.

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