Life Goals: A Max Wedge Mopar And The Ramp Truck To Haul It On!

Life Goals: A Max Wedge Mopar And The Ramp Truck To Haul It On!

As much as it pains us to say it, driving a race car around on an open flatbed truck is a risky venture anymore. Too often, we’ve heard the stories of race car and workhorse disappearing into the ether thanks to some low-level dreg of society that only deserved the beating they were sure to get if they were caught red-handed by the property owner. It’s a sad statement of current affairs, and it’s a sad sight at the tracks. Instead of the sea of enclosed trailers as far as the eye can see, rigs like this Dodge D-500 could be parked in rows. This is how it was done way back when, if you had the means to swing this kind of ride. This was high-rolling: a truck full of tools, space for crew to ride along in, and a car on the back that could be driven on and off. This was living the good life back in the day.

Nowadays? Enclosed trailers and recreational vehicles. I’m not going to complain about the RVs any…having a place to sleep, shower and shave while you spend the weekend basking in burnt rubber and fuel fumes is a proper luxury to have. But there is something that is just cool about seeing a big truck hauling the badass car on the back as it rolls into the pits. It’s purposeful. You aren’t there to camp and race, you’re simply there to race. Maybe you’ll go to the hotel afterwards, or maybe you’ll put up a tent and sleep outdoors. Whatever works.

Picture a Drag Pak Challenger on the back of a Ram 5500 done up like this setup and tell me that wouldn’t be awesome to see.

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4 thoughts on “Life Goals: A Max Wedge Mopar And The Ramp Truck To Haul It On!

  1. KCR

    I saw this rig was at World of wheels last winter in Chicago. And the track it is racing at sure looks like route 66 outside of Chicago. Anyway, this is 100 times cooler than any $250K pusher motor home. With a $100k stacker trailer hooked to it. Being I am a Mopar guy.In my book. This guy wins hands down.Heck the car even has a Max Wedge(or so it looks).Trimed out in old school. Sorry Ford and Gm guys ,Mopars rule .And this dude wins.

    1. Greg

      Definitely Route 66, and the truck has Illinois plates. Never seen this one around, guess I need to get out more.

  2. David Ornelas

    I remember seeing this rig towing a roadrunner on a flatbed all over the west coast. Don and Steve Wann driving for the Rettig Bros.

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