LIVE: Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Reveal!

LIVE: Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Reveal!

It’s finally here! The car we’ve waited months for is on the stage…does it live up to your expectations?

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10 thoughts on “LIVE: Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Reveal!

    1. Tedly

      3.2 second 0-60, 9.65 1/4 mile, 840hp out of a factory production car? Yes, that definitely lives up to my expectations.

  1. Gump

    9.65!! A factory built 9 second street car that pulls the wheels! They will all sell like hotcakes if not all spoken for already.

  2. ratpatrol66

    I thought you where dead? They would sell if not marked up $30,000. The Demon is putting up some pretty big numbers!

  3. Steve

    It’s nothing short of incredible, however, what we still don’t have is an AFFORDABLE performance car. What sold more, loaded Hemi ‘Cudas, or basic bare bones 383 Road Runners? I was too young when those came out, and too broke when the 5.0 LX mustang appeared. now we have the means, but anything over $30,000 is as irrelevant to me as a Viper or a Veyron. I’m sure they’ll sell them all, but how ’bout something I can relate to?

  4. Will

    Up and beyond the performance of the car, Dodge jumped the shark on that presentation……. made my peter soft…..

  5. Big Bill

    The four minute clip on youtube gave all desired details without all the lame music, lame hype, and lame movie promotions.
    I expected more tech and a lot less techno crap.
    After all, Mopars are rock n roll machines, they don’t do disco or hippity hop.

    Aside from the overly lame production, it’s an interesting car.
    Too bad I can’t afford one.

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